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  1. theaussiebutcher

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    I dont think many, if any, content creators have the means/funds to take up an international court case against people stealing and monetizing their content.
  2. theaussiebutcher

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    Why would a company prep the public on proceeding legal cases anyways? Doesnt seem common practice. If Bohemia is doing anything, they would not be doing so publicly until everything is well underway. Eggbeast sums up their list of legal troubles nicely, props to you mate.
  3. theaussiebutcher

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    I know one of those guys on that list has been kicked out of a previous Altis Life server for selling items, ingame currency and admin tools as a "developer" behind the admins back. Seem like a charming bunch, ey?
  4. Correct, EPM flashes and plays a sound when a new RCon admin logs in. Its has stopped doing it, I think the issue was that I was downloading things which was causing my connection through EPM to constantly drop and reconnect, and that was somehow triggering EPM to flash and play a sound. Here is my log settings: Im running Windows 7 Thanks for the reply, I am enjoying EPM greatly over what we were running before on our servers.
  5. Couple of quick questions. Ive set up a list of words in the notification tab, but I keep getting notified when another admin logs in and Im not to sure how to turn it off. I dont have "admin" as a notification either. Also, I have all boxes ticked in the save logs tab and no logs are being saved. I thought it might have been because there was a space in the pathname, but after changing the foldername it still wont save logs.
  6. theaussiebutcher

    High Quality Addons Project [HQAP]

    I dont think this idea will ever gain widespread acceptance, especially not from the modding community. Its like an unspoken rule that people dont criticise each others work. Ive been far more involved with design communities than the modding one (which I am new at), who generally operate on the same principal. Unless someone specifically asks for critique, then critique should not be given. This culture of quiet respect may not be understood by people who do not create visual content, regardless of the application. I personally think the mutual respect is built on the understanding of how emotionally attached people can become to something they have slaved over, and that no one has the right to publicly tear someone down just so they can voice their opinion. I also find it distasteful that someone with no experience in mod making would put forward an idea like this. They are unable to go into great depth and technical detail when discussing mods, and I personally think they dont fully understand the community they are trying to interact with. They are just an observer looking in and making judgements on things they dont fully understand. I also think that an idea like this will stop new people getting into modding. People can say things like "They should toughen up" all they want, but whether someone is emotionally resilient has NOTHING to do with their abilities or potential to create awesome content in the future. I feel that anyone who thinks that arguing about why it should be accepted is misguided in thinking their posts will change anything (but why not try, eh?). Instead of trying to force "higher quality mods" to be produced, heres a novel idea, how about trying to produce a "high quality mod" yourself. I dont say this to be snarky, but your end goal is to have "higher quality" mods in the community. You can achieve this by creating that content yourself.
  7. theaussiebutcher

    ADF Uncut

    Might have been taken out by accident, but can easily be included again in a hotfix/update. They wont be included as part of the default loadout, but will be accessable through VAS or by using the init to add the helmet with its own classname. MICH2 is the temporary default helmet, as its visually closest to what we field at the moment. We're looking at doing custom models for things like helmets, vests etc though.
  8. theaussiebutcher

    ADF Uncut

    When we eventually get the DPCU/DPDU uniforms modeled, they will be set up to work with squad XMLs. However, the current uniforms are just retextures of the ingame uniform, which are not set up to work with squad XMLs. Berets should not be hard to do ;) I might talk to the admin about getting the password taken off the server, a multiple player showcase is inlcuded but from what I here does not work to well. Will probably to a new/updated one in the future, but creating new content is the current focus. I would suggest using VAS for that, but again, may be added in the future. Pretty sure the weapons will have their own ammobox in the next full release. There is a "Beta" release out currently of the next update that we're using to get feedback of the new stuff, check it out if you havent already. It was posted a page or two back. Halfway through texturing the Mag58. Still WIP: http://puu.sh/6kqgz.jpg
  9. theaussiebutcher

    ADF Uncut

    We will be doing an update soon, not sure on an exact ETA. So far we have completely redone the A2 textures and completed MAG 58 and M4 models. The next update should include redone A2 (including UGL), SA2, MAG58 and our own custom M4's. We're also looking for anyone interested in getting involved with the project, wether that be modelling, animations, textures, scripting, video editing etc. We want to start doing much more regular updates but need to grow the team to achieve this whilst still keeping a ballance with our personal lives (and jobs).
  10. theaussiebutcher

    Beerkan Brit Units

    If it is not a mod, nor an addon, then perhaps you have posted this thread in the wrong forum.
  11. theaussiebutcher

    ADF Uncut

    Yeah, BI added flag icons next to the factions a while ago and we havent updated the mod since. Not exactly sure on an ETA for the next update, dont really want to push an update out without having a sizeable ammount of new content.
  12. theaussiebutcher

    ADF Uncut

    Animations are still something we want to improve on. Hopefully we can get some custom ones in the works soon.
  13. theaussiebutcher

    ADF Uncut

    The standard 1.5x scope has iron sights on the top, thats all it has. We have this scope modeled and ingame, its just needs some more work before its ready for release.
  14. theaussiebutcher

    ADF Uncut

    Currently the Green Army MICH helmet doesnt allow for retexturing, hopefully the devs update the model to include hidden selections soon.
  15. theaussiebutcher

    ARMSCor Mod 3.0.3 (Work in progress)

    Hey mate, thought I'd find you over here now that AusArmA is down. Looking good, loving the progress you're making. I'l PM you.