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  1. thx for replay, after i create this file, where should i put it in? And how to make sure the server set up with it in use?
  2. for some reason i can only change the server.cfg file, can i put some commandlines in this file to enable only crosshair and 3rd person view but disable other settings on server?
  3. jinougaf

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    So the first half would be AR-15s?
  4. jinougaf

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Well,nice to see you again Blazen.Well,I'm back,too.This forum changed a lot and I just got my account back today(GJ for this forum make me lost my passwaord...again). Anyway,would we see the new update soon?I' m not asking for a ETA I'm just happy see you guys still working on it!Keep going and cheers! PS.what did you mean F90 would be in second half in V2?
  5. jinougaf

    Bushmaster PMV A3 [WIP]

    I've tested it for a while,so far so good,no other issues find so far.But i didn't get it what functions does the Wire Cutters have?I can't tell any different between deploy and un-deploy it except the Wire Cutters themselves would change the positions.
  6. jinougaf

    Bushmaster PMV A3 [WIP]

    you said in the above it's compatibility with ACE3,so is that means I have to put that files in the addons folder of the ACE3? And what ACE3 functions does it support now? PS:I've waiting this sexy thing for a long time since you post thisthread,really love it and really nice work,cheers!
  7. Actually I think British SAS should be in the list,'cuz you already have Aussie SASR in plan.And I think SAS are not usually use HK416 'cuz I remember they test both HK416 and L119A1,and they said L119A1 was performanced better than Hk416 in tests and nowdays in real life SAS is always use L119A1 along with some G3KA4 and HK416,but the main weapon of them are L119A1s. ---------- Post added at 10:54 ---------- Previous post was at 10:46 ---------- And I just notice Mk18,some SFs in your list are not using Mk18 in real life,but I can confirm there are some pictures shows Aussie SASR were using Mk18 in trainning.Dont show if they also using it in combat.And as for Aussie SASR,the most uesd weapons would be M4A5.
  8. All right,some new WIP pictures of the vest.Still we are now doing more research on the vests and uniforms. ---------- Post added at 14:11 ---------- Previous post was at 13:21 ---------- plan 2,make the front part and the back part disconnected.
  9. Actually they E-3000 model was made by another guy from my group and he was using 3Dsmax.We are now using Blender to make the Vest and helmet model. As for the Arma3 addon for blender,yes we are learning how to use it right now,you can see I've already in that thread,XD. ---------- Post added at 15:59 ---------- Previous post was at 15:53 ---------- Yes that's also we are thinking about.As for the high poly I may have ask the other guy for more details,'cuz some real life event I haven't contact him for a while and ATM I dont know how he finish the model.
  10. Well that's the feeling gave by your screenshots in the link you post,can't really describe because my bad English.Just feel the sun light a little different from the original Arma3 effect.
  11. sounds like a good ideas,but still not very clear for what you would finally make.Only the different sun light effects?
  12. That's a reason why i choose EF,'cuz the items from JSF and SGB are too...well...normal maybe,just some AKs,XM8s and whatever you can find in a lot of game(and also in real life).The EF items seem more Sci-fic so give us more room to do some self modify. And actually I said I need some reference Materials don't means picetures only,so far the most wanted references would be some advices,like what should we do after finish the models,how to named some of the self modify weapons and items,etc. And yes that's a modified FN2000(named as E-3000 in End War and we decided to use this name) and also that AUG(not exist in the final version of End War game,but we are going to made one and rename it.).I'm now thinking maybe I should asked some modders if I could get permission to modify some of their already exist models to make things easier,but the rest in the group now prefer to self-made ones.
  13. F88 is not standard AUG,many differences.And I think ADFUncut have some F88s.
  14. jinougaf

    ASOR Roleplay Objects

    That's why i wanna join ASOR when I arrived Australia this October,and I just know you're in ASOR too!I'm coming for you P1nGa .;)
  15. New WIP pictures for E-3000.Need to learn how to make the GL.The progress for E-3000 is 30%.