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  1. Just thought about it and used a trigger with countdown. Not sure if this is the best solution but it works in SP. Nevertheless, thanks! The command looks good. I will try it. :)
  2. Hey, I'm working on a sniper mission at the moment where I want to fire a trigger (for a waypoint) at a specific time. I tried using the date module but tbh I dont have a clue how to use it or if it's even the right tool for this. Moreover, I want some fireteams to be sitting around campfires. Anybody knows a working way to do this? I tried the following script but I got errors: _this setBehaviour "SAFE"; _this disableAI "ANIM"; _this action ["SITDOWN",_this]; sleep 5; waitUntil{ if(animationState _this != "amovpsitmstpsraswrfldnon")then{ sleep 8+random(3); _this action ["SITDOWN",_this]; waitUntil{animationState _this == "amovpsitmstpsraswrfldnon"} }; behaviour _this != "SAFE" }; _this enableAI "ANIM"; Error:
  3. Thanks, now it works fine. :) I removed the disableai to make them react too hostiles which seems to work. However, nobody knows about the triggers at a specific time?
  4. Steam has a build in Backup function that should work fine. Just backup your version at home (Steam > Backup and restore) and put it on your laptop with the same menu.
  5. It's in the first post know. Are they stored somewhere as text maybe?
  6. seife

    FHQ Accessories pack

    -mod=CBA_A3;@tropentarn;@DEditor;@fhq_accessoires;@fhq_m4_a3 That's it. :/ €: Wtf.. I just tried it after quoting and it works... Confusing, I want to know what I did.
  7. seife

    FHQ Accessories pack

    Looks like I'm not able to get this working. I downloaded your M4 pack and this one, unpacked them and moved the @-folders into the A3 directory. Parameters added (copy paste) but everytime I start it says "Addon FHQ_M4 requires FHQ_Accessories". Expansion menu says both mods are in but if I place the Colt crate I get errors. What am I doing wrong?
  8. seife

    [CO-03] Overwatch

    I dont even want revivial, just a SP version (squad leader as player, other two guys playable). I dont like respawn and revival. :o
  9. seife

    Arma 3 - Pre-E3 Livestream Hangouts

    Stuttering gets too bad for me (50kb/s down :( ). Would be quite awesome if the whole stream could be uploaded at youtube or somewhere else. Till now very interesting too see some new stuff. Can't wait for the beta!
  10. seife

    [CO-03] Overwatch

    How about a SP version with all characters playable? I really like the concept of the mission but MP is not really possible with my current connection. With an SP version I could play the leader and change to the sniper whenever needed etc.
  11. Very great, exactly what I was waiting for. Slow connection and huge updates. :(
  12. seife

    SP_Operation Hashpoint

    The mission is very immersive, I like it. :) What exactly do I have to blow up at the Helo Factory? I destroyed both buildings + choppers and nothing happened?
  13. Nothing bad though. Was very fun to play the mission, I will definitely keep it for LAN (i made all my friends buy this Arma. Poor people! :D). Did you think about adding ranged ranged optics into the backpack?
  14. Switched to the stable build and now the objectives are fine. Noticed one issue: Silencers disappeared with an error after reloading (i died :p). Maybe this is from one of the mods I'm running, I can't tell.
  15. I have errors when starting about some bad links and the first 3 tasks are marked as done. Maybe an issue with the development build?
  16. seife

    FHQ Accessories pack

    Both tickets voted up. Would be very cool if these things became possible. :)
  17. seife

    FHQ Accessories pack

    Looks really good. Are you planning to make the use of the scope on the G33 visible? As it is now the scope is still sideways and not between eye and holo when used.
  18. seife

    [SP] Woods Sweep

    Just curious, why this behaviour with CBA on?
  19. seife

    [SP] Woods Sweep

    Nice mission. The fog was somehow annoying at the beginning in the base but it makes the mission much more interesting. Maybe you could start with less fog which gets denser when leaving the base or something like that. Spotting the OpFors was quite a hard job and not to die even more (my character told the positions via radio, i saw the, dead.. many many times. :D). However, all messages and hints where shown twice.
  20. This mod is so incredibly awesome! I like these high quality one weapon mods.
  21. seife


    Nice mod. Going to try it along with HMM_Stance. :)
  22. Thought so but seems to work know. Must have made something wrong while updating. Thanks for the awesome mod!
  23. Didnt try syncing it to bought because I thought one would trigger the task but I'll give it a shot. Yeah, I made my tasks before via scripting and it could be done through taskState. However, this seems not to work with the task modules. Very confusing. Edit: Just looked into the editor again and wanted to try when I relealized that syncing triggers to the module would not work because I need the End-Trigger to fire when the missions are done. Workaround for this are some simple variables, works fine. Double trigger for a Create Task Module works fine though. Thanks. :)
  24. This looks sweet. Any ideas of when you will release it? :)
  25. Anyone else noticed the screen turning blue (looks like camera turns to god knows where) if you get hit while using the M4? Plenty of sides in this topic so I didnt read that much. However, very nice mod. Love the model. :)