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    EDEN Editor BUGS

    Morning World, Me and my squad mates are playing a sort of dynamic co-op long term mission. Basically what I did is separated the map into hundreds of little zones and upon entering a zone you get a zone specific mission to do that when complete that zone becomes ours until we eventually own Tanoa but not like Domination, a little more personal for our squad. My problem is when using the arsenal we can equip whatever we want, but I removed the arsenal to make things a little more interesting, we can only keep what we find doing missions, but there is something buggy in our game, we can only equip certain uniforms stuff we can equip include civilian clothes, insurgent clothes, syndikat outfits & bandit outfits but it doesn't allow us to equip any opfor stuff or stuff like the Pilot Coveralls also I (Host) seem to be the only one who is able to take ammunition from bodies, none of my squad can do this, I must also mention even though I am the host I am not the group leader and not even the group leader can take mentioned gear.
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    Picture loadscreen and briefign - EDEN

    Oops , wrong browser tab... post moved ;)
  3. OK I think I'm too noob to understand this. I created both SQF files as explained with the code copied and pasted, but when I load in my mission I get a error BIS_fnc_loadInventory Inventory "inventory_var" Not Found. Any ideas?
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    ARMA 3 Alpha - 3D Editor

    Ahhh Such Fun :D And amazing to see the community is still growing on a daily basis :D