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  1. Hello, Can anybody help me? I would like to modify Arma objects in Blender. I have been informed that the way to do this is to load "Arma Tools" in blender as an add on. I saw a couple of old videos on youtube, and follow those instructions but I still cannot get it to load in Blender. I have downloaded "ARMA TOOLS" from Steam, and can navigate to it on my disk while in Blender, but when I try to install as an addon, nothing happens. Can anybody offer me some advice? Thank you
  2. Ok, Thanks. So just to make sure, what I need to do, is add this information to the units in the editor. I am supposed to: 1) type in the words "rescue pilot" into the object init of my unit? 2) For the pilot unit I type in " ["Join.Player","unit = _this select 0,_this join group player, unit removeAction 0"]; " to the init box of the pilot?
  3. Thanks, How do I initiate "[Pilot] join player"; while in game?
  4. Hello, I am thinking about creating a single player mission where I have a team of soldiers that is tasked with rescuing a downed pilot. The problem, is that once I find the pilot, I dont know how to get him under my command. I have no way to control him (Make follow, command to get in helicopter.......) Does anybody know how I would do this?
  5. Can somebody give me some ideas for AI mods such as FFIS? I would love to have the Firefight Improvement System (FFIS), but from what I have read it no longer works. Thank you
  6. Hello, I am used to setting up the support modules for both artillery and CAS. Lately these things no longer work. When I launch in the editor, the left hand side of the screen says that supports are available. When I go to call in Artillery, I can only call in mortars, and I am only allowed to request one round at a time. When I call in CAS, I hear the pilot acknowledge the request, and then half a second later he will announce that he is returning to base. Something is wrong... Does anybody have any ideas about how I might be able to fix this????
  7. Hello, I have been creating my own sp missions with the editor using the "Support Modules" for a while now. All of the sudden, they no longer work. It shows that they are there on the left hand side of the screen, but when I go to use them, I cannot call up CAS nor Artillery. I have unmoded everything and then verified the game cashee, but it still doesn't work.... Has anybody seen this happen recently? How did you fix it? Thank you
  8. Hello, I have been making my own scenarios with the ACE and unsung mods. I used to be able to call in artillery and air strikes without any problem. I would set up the support requester, and support provider modules and sync them up like normal, but now, I cannot get planes nor artillery to lay down fire for me. Is there a special setting or procedure that I need to follow with ACE?
  9. Hello, Last week I found and downloaded FOW. I think this is Awesome! I love the Tarawa map. I understand that this is still the Alpha version. I wanted to make you aware of a couple of issues that I had with the download. I thought that the down load was supposed to include 4 factions Japanese, Germans, US Marines, and British. I opened the map in my Eden editor and I can only find Japanese and Germans. The us Marines and British are nowhere to be found. Secondly, I was able to insert a modern Arma three sniper to walk around and shoot some targets. The Japanese and my sniper both showed up as BLUFOR Should I have gotten the US marines, and British with the download? Thank you
  10. Hello, When in the heat of combat, I cannot use the MPRL compact. I cannot get it to lock on to any targets. I press "T" and nothing happens. I try to fire without lock, Again, Nothing happens. At this point the MPRL is about as lethal as my shoe. Has anybody else seen this problem? I have searched the forum and not found any threads. I would be greatfull for some advice on this issue. Thanks
  11. dufalator

    Noob needs help setting up MP

    Yes, I did a search. I ran it several different ways before I posted. It comes back with zero results...Is there a current guide that can direct me through it step by step???
  12. Hello, I need help setting up MP. I have played with the editor singleplayer multiple times. I have made some missions in the APEX eden editor. I would like to host a game with one of the missions that I have made with my friends in MP. Everytime that I try to setup and host a game, My friends cannot locate me. They cannot find me in the server list. They cannot connect directly to me via IP address and port number. Obviously, I am missing something. I have read the manual but still am not able to ahve my friends connect. Is there a how to guide? Can somebody provide me with some tips about how to get my MP up and running? Thanks Dufalator
  13. dufalator

    F.R.O.G.S -- Combat Diver Project

    Hello VQ, This is So COOOOL! But I am having some issues that I want to make you aware of. I too have downloaded from Armaholic. I have managed to get to the submarine by both TP and swimming out to it. When I swim to it, I have been able to unlock the SDV. I cannot, however, open the sub to go through the airlock. When I TP into the sub, I flood the airlock chamber, but then I cannot get the outer door in the ceiling to open so that I can exit the sub. Also, I tried to TP myslef and three other AI divers (a team) of divers into the sub. I made it into the sub but the AI did not. I really think this has the potential to be an awesome Mod. This is a great Idea. BTW, I used to be a commercial diver, and have had experience with deep water operations. I may be able to help you out with the realism and deep water operational methods, techniques.....Let me know. Thanks Dufalator
  14. Thanks HV. I just verified the integrity of the game cache. I still have the same problem. It did not work.???????