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  1. outlaw3025

    Project RACS

    All i have to say is they are nuts, I have seen much worse in the way of models, and texture work. Personally I have been waiting for a Leo 1 for my Merc campaign, and a new aircraft especially one as beautiful as the Mirage III you have is always a welcome addition. Seriously cant wait to see these things when everything is complete! Keep up the good work!
  2. Nice, Im running a closed Mercenary campaign with some of my friends. I think this mod adds some of the flavor I have been looking for, less professional and more of "a Bunch of cowboys" feel.
  3. Love the mod, I will however make a suggestion; I would like to see a toggle between walking and "skating" as it is if I am trying to escort a convoy the runaway acceleration makes it so that i have to come to a complete stop and start moving again, Otherwise i just flat out out pace everything else on the ground.
  4. outlaw3025

    Ivory Aircraft

    According to Jane's the F-15C is more than capable of making use of the Mk 82, Mk 84, GBU-10, and GBU-31. Just because it was originally designed as an air superiority fighter does not mean that the Air Force does not improvise and use it for CAS in some situations.
  5. Love the concept of the mod, but it doesnt seem to be launching properly. I am trying to use the Play With SIX version, launch process goes just fine, no errors and it is showing that it is loading the mod folder, however it doesnt seem to be pulling up the assets from A2 or OA which I have installed, just not sure if its trying to point at the wrong folder. Spent time trying to figure out how to get it to point to the right spots for the A2 and OA info but cant seem to locate it. Any help would be greatly appriciated.
  6. outlaw3025

    OPFOR too Futuristic?

    I think that a lot of us who think they look too advanced want their uniforms to look on-par with NATO and not overly surpassing them. beyond that none of the vehicles really seem out of place to me, nor do the rifles. However the Iranians with the hyper advanced uniforms carrying KH-2002s look a little odd, almost to the point of an anachronism.
  7. outlaw3025

    Alpha Lite

    Oh I wasnt complaining, just commenting that an Opportunity may have been missed here. But having MP would have made it a bit better to explain what ArmA is all about and that is the Community aspects of the game play.
  8. outlaw3025

    OPFOR too Futuristic?

    My issue is that they actually look more advanced than the gear the NATO nations are using, and they kind of have a head start on this sort of technology compared to who the OpFor is protraying I.E. Iran. I have no issues with the vehicles though i think the combat uniform could use a bit of tweaking, I really like the idea of a Land Warrior-like system, just having two huds one over each eye would give me a headache in real life IMO.
  9. outlaw3025

    Alpha Lite

    I dont want to sound ungreatful, because I really have enjoyed playing with the ArmA 3 Alpha. My issue is this, when you said we would have 3 Alpha Lite invites to give to friends i figured that ok, we can invite our friends and run them through some co-op missions through Multi-Player. I understand that Lite did not list the Co-Op missions as part of the package, however I would have expected that they could at least access missions online created by current Alpha players as sort of an incetive to say "Hey bring your friends along and if they like it they can buy it." unfortunately the way it is right now that cannot be done, and I feel Bohemia is missing out on a good opportunity to bring in new players to the franchise.
  10. Hey, im working on a night mission but im finding that the only weapons with flash lights equipped are also running with supressors. Is there any way to remove these weapon attachments through the use of an initialization line? Any help is greatly appriciated.
  11. outlaw3025

    how to spawn reddots and stuff?

    how would one go about adding these items to a crate? Im currently creating a mini co-op campaign for my friends and myself but i want to limit the equipment available to them so obviously the add-all script is out of the question. Any help is greatly appriciated.