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  1. Done and Done. Hope this sirvey will help BI determine what they can/should aim for.
  2. MaxiM_PL

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Unfortunately, even if there is any difference between CAT 31.1 and 13.2b2 in my case it's negligible. ArmA III still uses 40% of my 7870 tops. Quite possibly because the overall usage of my i7-3770k is about 30% when running the game. Hence the conclusion: software bottleneck.
  3. MaxiM_PL

    Oculus Rift VR headset

    Don't know if anybody mentioned this (because I'm lazy and haven't read the whole thread), but Rift's creator stated that it needs a stable 60fps with vsync to work as intended. Let's get get the stable 60fps first, even without vsync in ArmA III... yeah, one can dream, right? Also, there would be absolutely no need to "replace" TrackIR with Occulus in the game engine. The game works fine with multiple head-tracking devices and controllers. OR could and should be just another option.
  4. MaxiM_PL

    64-bit executable

    Even the fact that we're habing this discussion is silly and feels like reading a forum thread from last decade. Everyone who uses 32bit CPU and <2GB RAM raise your hand, before we even continue.
  5. MaxiM_PL

    Soldiers appearance. Important!

    I don't have a problem with those soldiers... only with their butts. Yes - their asses :D While running, they look like they're constipated or their buttcheeks are sewn together. Luckily, I barely ever switch to 3rd person :P You don't think that's important? Try to take a dump with sewn ass ;)
  6. MaxiM_PL

    Stopping while chaning gear / weapons!

    I kinda expected this to be changed from ArmA II since the Alpha launch. I was mistaken, but I sure hope BI will address that in time.
  7. MaxiM_PL

    [POLL] ARMA III - HD Texture pack?

    The fact that ArmA III doesn't make a good use of the GPU is a whole different problem. It's tied to the "engine CPU bottleneck" that prevents the game to take full advantage of the GPU.
  8. I do agree that you should be able to interrupt the healing animation. Maybe even lose the medkit in the process (in theory, it might have been laying on the ground in front of you) but at least able to take cover from the unexpected enemy fire.
  9. I guess it has something to do with being spoiled by consoles. People are complaining about the keyboard layout, while they can change it to whatever they want... Next thing they'll demand a patch to change the key for them :P
  10. MaxiM_PL

    **** Performance fix!!! ****

    I hoped against all hopes that unparking CPUs would give me some performance boost. Alas, the only difference is that CPU consumption is distributed more evenly, but the overall usage stays at about ~30%, which is the same as with parked CPUs. Same thing with ArmA II and TOH. All BI games leave ~70% of my CPU and about ~60% of my GPU *unused*. Such a waste of processing power... ArmA games just refuse to take advantage of my PC.
  11. Lingor and Namalsk. Definitelly the most atmospheric maps out there. CHernarus as well.
  12. MaxiM_PL

    Arma3 Videos

    Poor, defelnsless Little Bird against 2 armed ones... no happy ending ;]
  13. MaxiM_PL

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I really hope this issue will finally get recognized and fixed. No better time than now, before the game goes gold. With all the hype surrounding A3, they better deliver. I bought a new PC with ArmA III in mind, but so far about 50-70% of my resources are sitting there, waiting for something to do, while I play multiplayer maps at 20-30FPS...
  14. MaxiM_PL

    JUMP please!!

    I just wish for some proper vaulting when running. Stepping over is OK when you're in tactical pace, but when running, you should do it BF3 style. These guys supposedly are soldiers, not cripples ;)
  15. What bothers me the most with the current AI is their ability to precisely track you through walls and shooting you with merciless accuracy through thick bushes. AI just doesn't give a flying fudge about low visibility and obstructions. They just have full on wallhack implanted into their binary brains ;)