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    Note: I have never been in the military. Ignore the Occupation non-sense.
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  1. TFM_Callas

    Workshop trouble, an extraordinary one.

    Also just noticed this. Deleted it. I have no idea whats going on. Also worth noting that for me it was about 18mb. I found it in my mods folder and deleted it immediately. Checked the 'Recycle bin' after so I could list the assorted PBOs, keys, and such and found nothing in the file yet it still contained several MB of data. Something smells fishy and I'm beginning to wonder if there was some sort of breach.
  2. Formed from the ruins of several other milsim groups, Task Force Maddog (TFM) was created to eliminate the ultra-seriousness of playing in Milsim. Focusing more with fun rather than trivial ranking systems and hierarchy, TFM has been very successful in delivering a fun realistic experience. With experienced mission makers, fluid story lines, and custom mod sets, TFM has been able to keep things fun and fresh for multiple years. However, with the release of Apex and a number of people either unable or unwilling to continue with playing Arma 3, TFM has fallen into a bit of a slump attendance wise. To date, we haven't needed to do much in the way of recruiting as our retainment of players had been fairly good. But in light of previously mentioned events we are doing open enrollment to our group. So if you want to join a group and immediately make a big impact, we would love to have you! So what do you need to do to join? Its actually quite simple: Email me directly by clicking here or do it manually to taskforcemaddog@gmail.com and I will personally set a time to meet with you and bring you in. Requirements: Must be 18 or older or 16 and be on probation. No experience with Milsim required. We will be happy to teach you anything you need to know. Current or former military is always welcome. A majority of our group is just that. There is no requirement for location. All countries welcome provided you speak english and can make the Ops. What to expect: No formal training or boot camp non sense. We will teach you as we go if needed. Any rank you see on people is purely there for laughs. There is no hierarchy Friday and Saturday 8pm central standard time is our main op days. We will be setting up future weekday ops as well. There is no mandatory attendance. You aren't going to be removed from the group just because you don't show. We all have lives. Those come first. We have a dedicated server and TS channel We have two core mission makers and we take a lot of time and put a ton of effort into missions so expect to have a lot of fun in op! Thank you for you consideration. TFM_Callas Links: Email: taskforcemaddog@gmail.com Website: Here Facebook Page: Here
  3. TFM_Callas


    If we could see a vest like a flak jacket or maybe just the vest that the AAF uses, that would be great. They are much more bulky in real life.
  4. TFM_Callas

    AV_IndUs (US Army inspired units)

    Hey Alex it has been awhile. Took a break from A3 but now I'm hooked again. I have been playing with your units quite a bit and was wondering when the Multicam units would be placed individually (Rifleman, Team Leader, Autorifleman, etc. etc.) like the ACU ones? Also, when do you plan on making groups? (F2 in editor function i mean.) As always, thanks for what you do!
  5. TFM_Callas

    AV_IndUs (US Army inspired units)

    Yes. He has said it will be fixed next update. ---------- Post added at 23:15 ---------- Previous post was at 23:13 ---------- Gonna go ahead and say there is some work to be done. LOL But hey, at least its sort of in game. :)
  6. TFM_Callas

    AV_IndUs (US Army inspired units)

    If you put a Stryker in with that kind of functionality my life would be complete. Similar to this would be awesome. If nothing else, I would love the RPG cage but I'll take a bare bones functional stryker. So excited!
  7. TFM_Callas

    would dayz come on arma 3

    Some of those "Scrubs" happen to be die-hard Arma 3 fans as well. Quit with the hate.
  8. It does say "any" Arma 2 content. They need to do it now. Don't know why they would wait. Legalities maybe?
  9. TFM_Callas

    An Old Trend renewed

    Okay okay okay. Let us ask ourselves these questions. 1. Did this game release with less content than MOST people expected? 2. Did DayZ help the over all popularity of this franchise by getting it into the mainstream, and allowing people (like myself) to discover it? 3. Do we have a right to suggest that the devs did not put enough content in the game WITHOUT insulting anyone? 4. Is Arma 3 an UNBELIEVABLE platform with buckets of potential? The answer to all those questions is yes.
  10. Clearly you've never played VBS. THAT is a military simulator. This is marketed as a Military sandbox. Go check their official site if you don't believe me.
  11. TFM_Callas

    A Review and one simple Question

    Still you pay full price for content. The community shouldn't have to fix the the things the devs don't do. (Like making variants for each factions instead of copy and paste.)
  12. TFM_Callas

    AI is exstremly stupid

    Is this supposed to be english?
  13. TFM_Callas

    Helmet without a texture

    Really? Looks like an unfinished Opscore helmet to me.
  14. TFM_Callas

    Helmet without a texture

    Wonder how these got in? http://i.imgur.com/C1sxEsy.jpg (212 kB) http://i.imgur.com/r4A8q1a.jpg (236 kB) Kinda curious what someone might do with these.