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    Do you mean in SP or MP Solo? I just tested the latest Dev build in SP and you cant even vote for a sector and I tried MP solo and the UI still fails to initialize when loading a save after using "Save And Exit". Is the intent to make saving/loading work in MP or to allow the mode to be played in SP without being able to have units respawn? I want to be able to play custom built warlords scenarios in MP solo like a dynamic campaign that i can play over multiple sessions but need saving/loading to work.
  2. hydrobigbang


    I have a question in regards to saving. I set up my own Warlords scenario and can save and load fine in multiplayer solo. The only problem as far as I can tell is that the request UI breaks,holding the inventory key just brings up your inventory but the AI still function and you can still vote for sectors so from my perspective it seems like that UI element just needs to be able to reinitialize on loading. Is there a deeper problem with getting saving/loading to work besides this one issue which seems to be the only noticeable problem to me that would lead you to think of saving/loading as a long term plan instead of a singular problem that could be quickly fixed? I believe Warlords would easily be the greatest singleplayer experience in ARMA if saving/loading worked properly. It would be great to be able to have what is essentially a dynamic campaign that could span the entire island of Altis,city by city,town by town as well as be customized such as setting up hardened bases with editor placed garrisons that are difficult to take but generate lots of CP and being able to determine the starting disposition of both sides as you please. I just don't want to have to set my CPU ablaze from having to have my PC on for a week to do it. Also since I'm here I've noticed that the only vehicles that AI seem to spawn are MBTs or AA tanks. No MRAPS or APCs. It would be nice to see some more diversity in the AI's choices of vehicles. They also have a bad habit of dropping vehicles around themselves as they attack a sector. I remember seeing Agia Marina littered with empty Slammers as we attacked and was able to steal a T-140 that got dropped on a road in front of me while defending Camp Tempest. It would be nice to have the AI spawn vehicles further away from the sector they are attacking instead of waiting until they are already engaged so that they get a chance to mount up instead of getting killed off and leaving free tanks lying around.
  3. hydrobigbang

    Vehicle in Vehicle Transport Feedback

    I still cant find them either :(
  4. I have a request if you can make it happen.Can you make AI recognize placed fortifications such as bunkers so they will fortify them if placed nearby?It would be awesome for making defense missions.
  5. I'm still waiting for the rest of the campaign to come out because win was short as fuck.
  6. hydrobigbang

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Still cant play with zeus,now instead of a halo_test no entry error I get No entry 'config.bin/CfgPatches.praa_sound'
  7. I get that error message whenever I try to preview a custom zeus mission I make when using the arma 3 map pack mod,I cant even preview the mission because of it.Does anybody know how to fix this,I want to play zeus on modded maps,not just the default ones.
  8. hydrobigbang

    Joystick Users

    No,the controls are messed up,I use a thrustmaster hotas warthog and is seems like the bottom 50% is for brake and the top 50% is for throttle/collective up down so I find myself constantly going up and down up and down up and down when trying to find the tiny idle spot so i can maintain altitude in a helicopter or cruise at a set speed in a jet because the throttle surface is divided up into 3 parts,0-50% brake50-75% throttle down and 75-100% throttle up,this causes the throttle to become very sensitive to input.So if I want to hover in a helicopter I don't set my throttle to 50% because then I would plummet to the ground,I need to set it to 75% which should actually be +25 collective raise.
  9. hydrobigbang

    ARMA3 no longer starts

    I got it working,turns out FRAPS was preventing it from starting,thanks for the help.
  10. hydrobigbang

    ARMA3 no longer starts

    tried launching in windowed mode and still nothing
  11. hydrobigbang

    ARMA3 no longer starts

    Tried validating again and deleting the cfg file and still got the same thing
  12. hydrobigbang

    ARMA3 no longer starts

    About a week ago my arma started crashing every time i try to start up,when I launch the game my mouse cursor vanishes and nothing happens until I click then my screen goes black and stays that way until I click again and then I get ARMA3 has stopped working.I tried uninstalling the game and wiping all arma3 related files from my hard drive an reinstalling from scratch and I still get the same thing. My specs windows7 MOBO ASUS P8 Z68-V/GEN3 CPU I5 2500K GPU EVGA 670 12 GIGS of RAM
  13. hydrobigbang

    Aiming Deadzone with TrackIR woes...

    Same issue here,only fix i know of is to turn aiming deadzone off