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  1. Planetside

    FPS problem.

    Men Of War has this problem too. It's so annoying.
  2. Planetside

    FPS problem.

    I bet the average Czech can't even afford a PC capable of running ArmA 3.
  3. play them and find out for yourself. the last question's answer is coop.
  4. Planetside

    Proposal for a new Game Engine

    Runs like garbage, looks like garbage, it's too hard and too expensive to make animations, every time I join a server it just feels hacked together. I'm disappointed. Plus the mouse movement isn't smooth because the game runs like garbage. By the way, development costs are overstated because the developer is based in a country where programmers are paid as much as janitors are in the west.
  5. I have a 7870 @ 1080p. Also, its a original bulldozer. A haswell CPU blows it out of the water since ArmA only uses 3-4 cores well no matter what clock speed its running at.
  6. I'm not joking. I used to own a Sabertooth 990FX with a FX-8120 overclocked to 4.5Ghz. I don't notice much difference when playing with a ASUS Z87A and a Intel i5 4670k at its turbo speed of 3.8Ghz. I spent close to $475 on this upgrade and its funny that ArmA3 doesn't benefit as much as I thought it would. What else do you want to know? I have a 7200RPM hard drive and 8GB's of DDR3 @ 1600Mhz.
  7. If it means anything, when I played on the 8120, not more than 20% of my cpu was used, now it uses only 50% of each core.
  8. It still runs horribly? I was assuming that it was my CPU bottlenecking me, but no its just the game I guess?:confused:
  9. Planetside

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I don't like people trying and failing to justify this. They are definitely not a indie studio, they are a successful game studio with multiple products and even better, BI Simulations has military contracts. They should be able to solve this, plus the cost of their product in comparison to where they are based gives them a significant profit advantage.
  10. Planetside

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Does it still run horribly? I have not played it for months.
  11. Planetside

    Digital battlefield and futuretech

    Crysis 3, if you count virtual future soldier programs.
  12. Planetside

    New Helicopter flight model by HTR dev

    Are you implying that opinion polls are not relevant to customer demand, if so can you prove it? You aren't even relevant either, since the question was not directed at you. TOH's flight model doesn't even rival HTR imho lol.
  13. Planetside

    New Helicopter flight model by HTR dev

    So why won't BI add HTR? BI? Quite obviously it would only benefit the game judging from the user poll.
  14. Planetside

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Steam survey isn't relevant because the majority of users couldn't even play ArmA3.
  15. Planetside

    New Helicopter flight model by HTR dev

    They have not confirmed that either afaik.