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    Equiping items while being crouched

    Arma animations require a major overhaul. The community has been asking for years for this, it's about time we had complete control of our bodies.
  2. I don't think that's right at all The lift is generated by the upper part of the wing (rotor blade) being longer then the lower section. As Bernoulli's law states, paraphrased here, the air flying over the top of the wing is traveling faster because it is traveling further than the underside. The result is a difference in pressure which causes lift. If the blade was upside down, the lift would be generated to the ground, right?
  3. Jex

    Time of day and colors are wrong

    Fuck that I use arma as my holiday simulator now!!! don't take it away!!! Ok defo the sun but I love the blue ocean
  4. If you're still their spotting ability should go drastically down. RL example, on exercise one day I was laying by a bush in British DPM taking a break and these two civvies were walking towards me. What I was laying on were those brown/tan coloured beech pebbles/rocks. They were talking to each other and as they got closer I realized that hadn't seen me so I waited till they got to about 6 foot and just adjusted my lazy laying down posture a little and they both jumped out their skin lol. I wasn't in the bush, just by it and learned a lot that day about the importance of keeping still - as they say - movement kills. In Arma this should be reflected - if unit movement = 0 then subtract X% off their spotting ability. This should also apply to all movement speeds - slower moving things are harder to spot that faster moving things and also the angle they are moving it relative to your position. I'd love to know the variables they use for the AI in spotting.
  5. The celts fought alongside their women iirc
  6. All it takes is one crack shot to ruin your day and if that's down to a percentage chance of just being unlucky I'd rather they remove it. In Falcon 4 you could model in a failed engine start - it's realistic but does nothing for the game. Yes there are crack shots out there but all it means in real terms is that you start all over again. Before the realism nerds get in on this and say "well it can happen in rl!" yeah well then once you're dead go uninstall the game. ---------- Post added at 12:35 ---------- Previous post was at 12:14 ---------- You were probably glitching through the floor.
  7. Not only is it dumb it offers nothing to the experience than adding more time onto the mission, etc. So you look at a black screen for some minutes, get up and keep walking - nothing else happens in this time so what was the point of having it? Nobody here can offer a reasonable argument for harsh unforgiving fatigue systems like this and what it adds to the experience or gameplay. It's basically the same as your SL making you sit down for 5 minutes doing nothing - "ok guys let's have some fun and sit here for 5 minutes doing absolutely nothing!" Brilliant - love this exciting gameplay.
  8. Well in this instance the mission maker didn't put any vehicles in for us to use and where did I say there shouldn't be penalties? There are, it's called heavy breathing and a worse aim which is more than enough. Blacking out does what exactly other than make the game last 10 minutes more but gives you nothing back? Oooh look at the fun I'm having waiting here to recover lol really?
  9. No I was not sprinting, I never use the sprint mechanism, everyone else had the issue. I don't care if it was twice as forgiving, blacking out is utter BS and should never be in a game. ---------- Post added at 16:32 ---------- Previous post was at 16:29 ---------- Most likely yes, it was a long time ago. Even so, going up a hill should not make you pass out, Most of it was actually running for about 2km on flat land, it was a custom map with a big river going through it. So flat land and we were all crippled and as you pointed out, there was that feeling that u could never recover quite enough. It doesn't really matter, ACE over did it. Waiting around for 10 minutes is boring.
  10. I think you didn't read my responses correctly. Firstly the blacking out was carrying a SA80 and 9 mags, 3 smoke grenades,that was it. Secondly I posted what the human body could do in reality, since many people here think that we all collapse after walking a few feet thinking this somehow adds to gameplay. I then made the point that your in game characters should be better than they are in rl and should be able to do more than their rl counterparts since this is a game and we want that little extra freedom. Somehow this makes me a hypocrite?
  11. I don't think he's saying it can't happen, just that it's a rare occurrence and there are more important things to code in. Like I said, it would be great to see it modeled in but it's not a high priority. Maybe in Arma 8 or 9 we'll get there ;)
  12. So if you taped 4 or 5 assault rifles together that would be wider than an assault pack? I think they would fit in myself, the barrels would poke out the top but they would all fit inside it.
  13. I've also thought this idea should be incorporated into more games. I'd love a much finer control over my movement speed and the associated stealth benefits of it or penalties. It would require new animations and with the problems of the existing animation I doubt we'll see anything as versatile as SC.
  14. Better interaction would be great though AC and water don't really go very well. Making it that the player must detach from his seat and then swim to the surface could be good. It may not be an option if the exits got blocked then you can all drown together :)
  15. Jex

    Devs, please move the Briefing Screen!

    Well now we seem to have something rather unrealistic going on here. You choose your load out before you are briefed on the mission? That's ass backwards and the OP is right, the briefing should come first and then you work out what you're taking. Nice OGR reference too! Personally the whole UI should change, perhaps there should be a weapons pool that has the option to restrict it's access only to the SL. In fact just add the Falcon 4.0 UI it kicks ass!