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  1. It's now been three months since the last SITREP which mentioned that "several other fixes will arrive in the next update" for Old Man. Would be great to get an update on whether or not these fixes are still planned and when they're coming.
  2. Interesting, I just tried a few more times and got nothing. Can you share more about how you re-tried 3 times? Did you just a reload a save from near the drop point, or did you re-do the final mission? Also, did you get a response right away after closing the crate or do you have to wait some time? Thanks for sharing.
  3. Others have said already, but I can confirm that one ending is bugged and unattainable:
  4. kazer

    Tanks DLC achievements

    Could you please share your findings? I'm curious about this as well. Specifically, did you find out if 2 players in a Nyx count for "In it together" ?
  5. Just did some testing (on the dev branch). The first parts of the mission don't matter; you can raise as much hell as you want while looking for Blue Cap and dealing with the 4 Viper enemies. You only got to stay undetected during the exfil objective. Most likely, if you get the radio call from Raider 1 saying that "Raider 2 engaged the enemy" it means you're not getting the achievement; otherwise you're good.
  6. kazer

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    Just got all 5 golds in Kart races, using keyboard with default controls. It works pretty well when you get used to it.
  7. kazer

    Godly Creations achievement

    Two more broken achievements: "Formula Kart" (Earned the gold medal in all official Karts Time Trials) didn't unlock for me after I got gold in all 5 races. "Bonus Targets" (Hit every bonus target in any official Firing Drill with bonus targets) incorrectly unlocked for me after a kart race... it popped up simultaneously with the "Speed Demon" achievement.
  8. I just re-visited the "Combined Arms" showcase today... WOW. This mission really highlights so many ways that ARMA AI fails. You've got it all. APCs rushing hundreds of meters ahead of infantry to be blown up in seconds. "Close Air Support" consisting of a chopper doing a single fly-by over the enemy's position and not even firing once. Infantry quietly looking around, standing up, while under fire. Or, when the area is totally clear, a bunch of soldiers haggled together, immobile, just "dancing" (cycling endlessly through standing/crouch/prone) while constantly yelling "ON THE MOVE!" "MOVING!" "COVER ME!" etc.
  9. I'm having the issue (I think) you're describing here... When spawning with a main weapon, everything works fine. Then, if I switch to a sidearm and try to switch back to main weapon, it doesn't work and I can't move anymore until I drop the weapon. Same when I try to pick up a weapon from the ground or a container. The issue seems related to the "equip weapon" animation? I've tested on several ARMA2/OA/3 characters, it seems to happen for all weapons/characters no matter what when I have AiA enabled. I'm using version 0.20 (also tried to revert to 0.19 and it didn't help).
  10. Read them stickies. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?145530-Globally-banned-by-BattlEye-See-this
  11. Really cool stuff, great job! Couple of kinks I've noticed -The sights on the rifles (not the ones on top of the elcan, the ones you get if you unattach the elcan completely) are not aligned; they're way too low (easy to see with NV goggles + IR laser, the laser is accurate, and points quite a bit higher than the sights). -Elevation (pg up/down) on the M203 doesn't do anything. On vanilla's GLs, it moves the reticule up and down when you adjust for range. -As stated above, Medic class (only tested TW) defaults with a MX rifle, amd no ammo for it.
  12. Discontent can be expressed many ways. Discontent expressed in an exaggerated, overly emotional way can actually hurt the cause, as it's much easier to write off as the rambling of a petulant and whiny minority than, say, rational and calm description of the issues. And one my MY least favorite things is when people put words in my mouth. All I'm saying (to no one in particular but regarding the topic in general) is, don't let the way you express the problem hide the actual problem.
  13. I feel like all the negative, pessimistic and overall "angry mob with pitchforks"-style posts are really unconstructive and are starting to drown out the ones that are actually descriptive and helpful.
  14. kazer

    Arma 3: Rocket Car

    And no hull damage! Sturdy vehicle ;)
  15. Context action menu, I believe. Scroll mouse wheel, select "Reload [...] round".