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  1. By making this post I was hoping to muster unity and more 1PP options for people who prefer 1PP not start an endless debate about 1PP vs 3PP . Each camp is fairly dug in, so be it, it's just that options for 1PP only servers are quite limited, hence the post. Ivan I will check your server , I hope it gets up and running !!
  2. With the coming launch of Apex / Tanoa I'm sure there will be large influx of players loading up Arma for the first time in while. I think it could be a good time to set up a 1PP server. I believe these facts to be true: • There are a fair amount Arma 3 players who prefer playing 1pp only • The 3PP enabled servers seem to gather more players so most server owners opt for 3pp, fair enough. • Many 1pp players have to compromise and live in a 3pp world because of the lack of servers. My question is this: Would it be feasible for some of us 1pp advocates join together to buy some server time to ensure a solid 1pp wasteland or Team vs Team or CTI server? I have no experience with game servers or admining but am willing to contribute financially. Any ideas?
  3. Oh yeah , I know that feeling, with computers especially "if it's not broke ... don't fix it". The main concern for damage is overheating the cpu. Keep an eagle eye on temperatures in the beginning. Proceed with slow increments (3.7ghz,3.9ghz,4.1ghz) and stress test with prime 95 all the while watching temps closely. Check out the overclocking communities (overclock.net), plenty of tutorials and they are usually more than ready to give some friendly advice for the beginner.
  4. Not to sidetrack the real issues being discussed about engine performance, but OP: You can easily be over clocking that CPU to 4.4Ghz and you will see improved performance for yourself anyway. Arma seems to be a CPU heavy game. Get a $30 Aftermarket air cooler and 4.4 should be no problem for that CPU. I have the same one, The K is made for Klockin' :) About performance: as mentioned it's related to Island size. Stratis is improved performance compared to Altis. Try Thirsk,, good grief I couldn't even get under 60fps on that map with 40 players on multiplayer,( when it was more popular on breaking point). T
  5. big_t

    BI has just lost a customer

    So the cheat engine was for a different game and battle eye found it and banned you from Arma? If true that seems a little harsh. Did that said cheat engine spread files or reference your arma 3 folders? That could be why.
  6. It's true though, when watching the demo I was thinking this will lend it's self perfectly to the life mod. The little civilian planes, the open pit mine, jungle. It looks like a very diverse map either way so lots of usage.
  7. big_t

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    I feel that Altis and Straits always looks best at dawn or dusk. Running through a lush ditch/moat or forrest in the early or late hours always feels like the best graphical esthetic to me. really excited to see this new map!!! Lots of vegetation would be great :)
  8. Oh my, In the presence of greatness !! A special rose it will be. Very much looking forward to this masterpiece. :bounce3: I have watched / listened to that youtube vid quite a few times and each listen it just gets better and better.
  9. This is just heaven. It's a shame the mod has not been released. Is this not a huge, monumental step closer to how ballistic combat sounds in real life? So anyone prefers the current sound stage over the A.C.S.E video linked? Please explain your rationale as I'm eager to learn. I've never been on a battle field but from live videos and a rudimentary understanding of how sound travels, A.C.S.E system sounds a lot more true to reality and quite honestly a lot more pleasing. This man needs to be on the team. T
  10. That assumption is strange.. how would someone shoot from the same place all the time, not sure if you insinuating that I'm camping or something. Either way it's not the sounds from my weapon that are so bothersome (they are quite improved), it's the weapon sounds of those around me, or in the distance. I've tested more and come to conclusion that reverb , or lack of reverb is the main problem. That and location of shots, not sure how that would be addressed but it wasn't that bad before.
  11. Until about a month ago the sound was flat and boring but somewhat tolerable. The update about a month ago is seems the gunshots in particular are unbelievably flat and static. It sounds like someone is playing a sub par sample from a drum machine or keyboard. No reverb, no difference in distance and I can no longer locate gunshot directions. 50m away or 300m away almost no difference at all in volume or reverb and direction. Occlusion:Horrid Reverb and dampening over distance: almost none Direction: bewildering Volume: not directly relative to distance I play with dragon fyre or sos mods and the sound is quite decent and much more immersive. I'm not trying to rag on the devs and I still love the game but quite honestly the stock sound is terrible and incredibly flat compared to the mods and I can't see how this recent update was progress in any way. Can't some of the mod processes be borrowed for the vanilla game. What can we learn form dragon fyre and sos? Check out some live combat videos and notice how Vanilla Arma 3 sounds nothing like it yet the mods are making an honest effort. T
  12. big_t

    Game-Mode That YOU Think Should Be Official

    Well what is the point you are getting at ? yes King of the hill the most popular. Would you as rather play king of the Hill or try something a little better with less players and build it up the player count? I'm saying there are other alternatives that are getting a bit of traction mentioned in this thread, hopefully those tired of KOH can build up new play styles.
  13. big_t

    Game-Mode That YOU Think Should Be Official

    Which gameplay changes do you speak of ? Seems fairly straight forward to me. TacBF is finally gaining some well deserved traction still mostly embraced by Europe they are on a European server population timescale :http://www.gametracker.com/search/arma3/?query=tacbf as of 1pm monday pacific north american time there are 57 players in game :) too bad I can't join at the moment. Also Eutw capture the island is sector control, pretty much vanilla with options for sound mods , and they have a good following although sadly same Europe times is the same with even more players as of 1pm pacific north american time there are 170 players playing over 3 servers. http://www.gametracker.com/search/arma3/?query=eutw They way the multiplier server menu works now it just favors the most populated servers within a play style, no favorites, exclusion or anything, hopefully that will change.
  14. big_t

    Game-Mode That YOU Think Should Be Official

    There are some great TVT game modes TacBF : amazing sector control, truly intense battles. (much better than King of the Hill: "run to center of…sigh... kavala….again…. camp and meat grind, rinse & repeat) Also Capture the Island, you mentioned battlefield, this is fairly close, of course with arma realism. I honestly wonder why KOH people still play it for so long, it gets stale so very quickly. I think maybe people are intimidated by the map or rules on Sector control games in Arma 3? I'm baffled.
  15. big_t

    Unrealistic weapons damage

    That is insane, are those models your are firing at normal units (with no helmet)? Sustaining multiple headshots from close range,, that is just wrong milsim or not.