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  1. Ah that's quite a bummer, but at least it's good to see you're aware of how annoying it is. I guess all we can do is keep hoping BiS adds what is needed.
  2. Is it possible to configure bcombat to prioritize an emphasis on travel? I find myself getting extremely frustrated watching a high commanded squad being controlled by MCC/GAIA traversing a set of waypoints through a string of fields/hedgerows to flank an enemy only to be bogged down by hearing a rifle report of the enemy they're moving to engage (but not being fired on by) and be set to aware mode and do the tedious bounding leap-frog dance needlessly. I feel like the bounding movement should be reserved for moments when the squad is or (has been) under fire, otherwise they need to move with a sense of urgency rather (to save their other squad's asses) than caution. I've been playing with the overwatch option, the hearing ranges, adding WW AIcover, and a myriad of other longshot experiments. Changing the overwatch settings only seems to work sometimes (leaning towards "rarely"), whether it's set to machine gunners only or not. Is it possible/plausible to tie the bounding movement only when a squad is fired on...like trigger it on suppression only? Or is the bounding movement routine absolutely hard coded to the aware mode? Other than completely turning enhanced hearing off, are there any configuration settings that would emphasize movement (jogging/sprinting) and only have AI react cautiously when absolutely needed?
  3. Seems I jumped the gun on reporting this with the cause...It's not an incompatibility with AGM and TPW. It seems using the .jar file/UI thing to edit the .hpp/config settings somehow corrupts the config and causes this bug. If you configure the .hpp manually with a text editor everything works fine.
  4. AbortedMan

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hmm, strange...I can run TPW alone and it works ok, but adding AGM causes the animation bug. EDIT: Disregard...it seems to be an issue with TPW and using the .jar file to configure mod settings with the UI. Sorry for the false alarm...bad testing on my part.
  5. AbortedMan

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    For anyone that can't walk or see AI seemingly frozen from the neck down the latest version of TPW conflicts with AGM mod. AI and the player cannot run with his weapon semi-shouldered...The animation for the legs want to move when you press W, but you can't go anywhere. This effects all soldiers, even AI
  6. For anyone that can't walk or see AI seemingly frozen from the neck down the latest version of TPW conflicts with AGM mod. AI and the player cannot run with his weapon semi-shouldered...The animation for the legs want to move when you press W, but you can't go anywhere. This effects all soldiers, even AI.
  7. EDIT: Did some research...that feature only assigns attack orders to units that are not specifically given to GAIA, so it's a pretty limited feature set when handled this way. No patrols, support, reinforcing or flanking orders.
  8. Yeah, I've tried that but it doesn't seem to work (there is no [G] next to the unit when viewing through the MCC console to signify it belongs to GAIA, not sure if that matters when using that "catch all" setting, though). I'm not sure if GAIA is catching the spawned units properly...even the ones spawned from MCC as a test.
  9. Sorry, I didn't explain that quite correctly...the MCC addon has a separate aspect of high level AI control that acts like a brain to command HC AI units as if a player was playing ArmA strictly as an RTS. This includes reinforcing, flanking, support, and defensive movements/actions (and more) for each AI group/unit under GAIA's control. When using MCC with DUWS, you can open the MCC console and click all AI units in high command and "give" them to GAIA to command. They become autonomous and objective oriented to obtain a single goal, in DUWS case it'd be capture or defend the generated zones. The MCC cheat console isn't needed for GAIA to be implemented, as far as I can understand (I'm not an ArmA 3 mission maker)...with that link/template in my post GAIA functionality can be built into the mission itself, not as an addon. I agree that spawning stuff for free is not cool and would completely ruin the experience. That's not what I've been using MCC for. I've only been using it for GAIA's feature set, but it becomes cumbersome to constantly have to go into the console and give GAIA every new unit that spawns, plus that reveals enemy units' locations and ruins the immersion/surprise for me. Sometimes I want to get a small 4 man squad and just follow the DUWS spawned Task Force squads so that I can enjoy the combat/scenery instead of micro-manage my own assaults. GAIA is perfect for this and it's a dedicated AI commanding feature set that seems much more fleshed out than the DUWS AI command set...not to say that DUWS isn't a beautiful piece of work, it's literally a game changer and the only way I play Arma now. Also note that adding GAIA wouldn't take away functionality, as when you manually assign a command to a HC squad GAIA automatically relinquishes control...so players that do want to micro-manage still can. So it's not the MCC cheat console that my question is about, it's the implementation of a higher level feature set for AI unit commanding that GAIA affords...which is modular to the MCC addon and can be used independent of the MCC cheat console.
  10. Is it possible (or necessary) to add MCC's GAIA script to DUWS? I'm not sure if there is something already like it built into DUWS--mainly the GAIA part--but having an AI "commander" with all the features I've seen with the limited time I've had with the MCC addon (I just started tinkering with it) would make the AI extremely awesome. I'm playing your mission with it now using the MCC console and just manually adding everything to GAIA with the little MCC console button, but that gets tiresome and reveals all the AI's locations. I'm wondering if the GAIA functionality can be built into your mission using something like this: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?183056-Mission-Template-Stand-Alone-GAIA-Make-missions-FAST-by-using-MCC-GAIA-engine Apologies if this has been asked before, I've been searching for more info and answers all evening and haven't found anything.
  11. Ah, I figured out the confusion here...We are talking about two different things...I was initially asking about being able to edit/remove the vanilla ArmA3 HC icons that show positions of enemies on the HUD when contact is made (completely unaware of TPW's HUD additions because for some reason I'm not receiving tactical glasses or seeing a HUD at all when loading a DUWS MP mission). So... 1) Will it ever be possible to edit the vanilla HUD/enemy icons in high command? 2) If I'm not getting tactical glasses at init and not getting TPW HUD, is there a different way to obtain them? (Have you tested or heard any issues with triple screen setups and your HUD? I'm on a 5760x1080 resolution)
  12. AbortedMan

    TMR Modular Realism

    Optics issues are still not fixed in latest version when in triple screen/5760x1080 resolutions. I get a faded border with a blank circle in the middle with no scope optics/graphics...just looks like I'm looking through a transparent piece of paper with a hole cut in it.
  13. Sorry if I'm derailing the topic a bit, but I'm totally lost on removing goggles...my character isn't wearing anything on his face so I'm not sure what to do. Been playing Arma since A1 and I feel like a noob asking this question.
  14. Heh, I caught the sarcasm, but since I'm away from my gaming rig I wasn't able to actually test whether literally taking the bloody goggles off was the solution. Will test when I get home...thanks in advance if it works! Much appreciated!
  15. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean here...
  16. Heh, then I'm just watching and not playing!
  17. Would it be possible to remove the HUD icons for enemy units when playing in high command mode? I find it pretty immersion breaking when I have an "all seeing eye" ability that tells me where all the bad guys are when commanding lots of units in a big fight on harder/realism settings.
  18. Is it possible to add an option to remove NVGs from AI? Maybe using this as a guide...http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?158101-Help-Remove-Night-Vision-from-ALL-OpFor-on-map I was looking to do it myself, but seems to be out of my scope of tinkering.
  19. Thanks for the explanation. I've been experimenting/comparing player controlled and non-player controlled squads more specifically and just recently came to the same conclusions, but it's great to know I'm not imagining things. May I ask what's the reasoning behind removing the move to cover functions of a player controlled AI squad? If that was by choice and not by a systematic limitation? I imagine that would provide more immersion for those snap moments where you come under fire and kind of rely on the mettle of your squadmates (AI or otherwise) to act on their own for the few seconds you have to hit the dirt before you assess the situation and start giving orders. ...And apologies if I'm being pushy about something out of your scope, but high command enemy icons are really killing the game for me. Since it will be my primary mode of orders now with my recent discoveries in bcombat, I'm feverishly looking for ways to remove the big red "shoot me!" signs above the spotted enemy squads in the HUD/realtime view. Do you have any guidance on how to make them disappear? Perhaps a future feature for an upcoming bcombat release?
  20. Playing CO-OP missions on DUWS mission and I'm using the High Command function a bit, but I think it's too easy-mode to have enemy markers on my map/HUD when it's up...is there a way to turn enemy markers off? I've tried looking for mods that do this, but found none, also tested many stock-game difficulty options to no avail. Any help/guidance would be appreciated.
  21. How should one go about gauging AI skill levels when using DUWS with an AI mod like bcombat? Apparently bcombat inherently lowers AI skill due to suppression/class level/etc by changing base ArmA AI skill levels, I believe...will DUWS AI skill level settings be stacking on top of this sort of stuff? Should I be setting AI to max level in the DUWS pre-start config to compensate for the drop?
  22. Thanks for all of your work on this mod...AI in ArmA3 is one of the biggest things that need improvement to make this an all around great(er) game. Your efforts are much appreciated! I'd like to know where the focus of this mod is though as in squad level or high-command and enemy AI level...I've been playing with bcombat since Christmas and noticed behavioral differences in my squadmates when they're under my direct control, which was great...suppressive fire, better environment watching, quicker moving, etc...or at least I thought they were, until I just recently (yesterday) had an entire play session using the DUWS mission and multiple squads using high command only, and the difference was night and day. They moved so much more fluently than any squad under my direct command, used cover when moving like a human would, actually used overwatch (I know overwatch was featured for non-player AI squads only)...which made me think I've been using the mod wrong all along with unrealistic expectations. So my main question, is bcombat intended for use in high command situations, mostly? I mean where you don't have direct control over a squad. It was apparent that any squad in direct control was definitely still taking queues from the vanilla AI routines, with some slight influence from bcombat, but now I can't be sure which is what, and where I'm suppose to be seeing bcombat shine. Having used high command now and seeing how much better bcombat AI are, is it possible (modded by you or anyone else) to remove the red enemy icons in the hud and map from high command? It seems like the game is too easy if I know exactly where every enemy squad is, so much so that it ruins the feature for me...which limits me to using direct squad control, which (I'm imagining) limits bcombat. Also, one more question, is there anything planned in the future that will advance bcombat AI's concept of staying behind cover when advancing? Or somehow improving the translation of the "go here" cursor and AI realizing we're advancing "that direction" so I should take cover from "that direction"? I often tell AI to move to (or right in front of) a waist-high wall, then I find them walking just over it and in sight of the eventual/potential enemy with no self-regard to cover until a shot rings out and one of them takes one in the face.
  23. AbortedMan

    Any way to turn off enemy markers in High Command?

    Wow, apparently this topic on this forum is easily hijacked... There is seriously no one that has come across a mod or setting that removes enemy icons from HC? I've scoured the internets and found nothing. Surprising!
  24. AbortedMan

    Any way to turn off enemy markers in High Command?

    I'm a bit surprised to see that even the hardest difficulty settings still allow a big "shoot me" sign on enemy groups in 3D space with no option to turn them off.
  25. Also getting stutters with this mod activated along with bcombat 0.15, AISS compatibility variable was set to "1"...in SP and MP with another friend on the DUWS mission.