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  1. @Cheitan Yes i have been thinking about it occasionally. But currently there are still too many challenges involved in getting it to work nicely. I've made the repository public at bitbucket https://bitbucket.org/Leshrack/leshtowing/src/master/leshTow/ . I had some prototypes which modeled the math right for the plane being towed with a bar inbetween. Which was basically a tow bar towing the plane and the towing vehicle towing the towbar. But due to physics the towbar itself just sits on the ground and it'll be difficult to get the height and angles right so that it looks even remotely close to the points it is supposed to be attached to. @1212PDMCDMPPM That value doesn't actually move the point around. It is only used to determine if the vehicle needs to be rotated 180 degrees when it is being towed. To move the point forward or backwards you'll need to adjust the axisOffsetTarget value. (the middle number is the one that controls forward/backwards). Having the axisoffsetTarget at the rear of a vehicle and having towFromFront as 1 you'll see the object rapidly being turned around this way and that as the math doesn't check out.
  2. Hey guys the day is finally here. Version 1.0 now available on steam workshop as well as separate download. Changelist: 1.0 - Added Arma 3 DLC vehicles to the configurations - Added ability to tow vehicles that are manned by other players or AI - Added debug function to determine the locations of tow points ([vehicle] call LESH_towing_fnc_debug and [vehicle] call LESH_towing_fnc_removeDebug) - Added ability to define tow points on runtime for specific vehicles (this will override config values if those exists) which can be used to add the ability to tow something that doesn't have configs or override something where it is slightly off - Added custom setDirection function to allow rotation around any point of the vehicle instead of [0,0] in model space (makes bigger planes work better) - Improved the towing function to use a slightly better speed calculation - Removed the optionals (most were already integrated and they don't really play nice with the workshop) With this release i will go back into not working on this :) if anyeone wants to improve upon the mod or volunteer configurations that their respective content owners arent willing or able to add themselves make a pull request at https://bitbucket.org/Leshrack/leshtowing/ Optional configs can be released separately on the workshop with the proper requirements setup by anyone if they wish to do so
  3. Hey guys, I have been away from this thread and project for quite some time. But this last weekend I ended up reopening the files and working on it for a bunch of hours. As a result later this week pending some more testing there will be an update that includes: - steam workshop release - configs for the *new* dlc air assets - reworked scripts (taking advantage of new scripting commands) - new rotate function to fix the problem with assets that have their modelspace 0,0,0 far removed from the rear axis making it look wonky when towed - ability to override the config values on a vehicle with setVariable (either override existing config values of give some unconfigured object values in the mission editor or during runtime) - and last but not least the ability tow vehicles with people in them. (disclaimer: might result in explosions in laggy environments) As a side effect to the last change the speed limiter is now off by default and it can cause damage on some vehicles when going at higher speeds (at least the ghosthawk will get damaged with higher speeds) and i take no responsibility for any explosions caused by this mod :) Additionally I will be making the mod a public git repository allowing for pull requests to be made by the community. Hopefully if people run into config issues they can make a fix for me to approve and publish instead of relying on me to find the time to do so. Any improvements and other fixes are obviously welcome as well. -Lesh madpat3: There will be no mod for a separate towing tractor from me unfortunately. I just don't have the time or interest to invest in such project at this time.
  4. @Madpat3 Indeed those compat pbo's are now obsolete. As for the CH-53 looks like either a typo or a change in the coordinate system for the chopper has occured at some point. The tow point is configured but it is underground. The correct axis offset seems to be [0,7.5,1] (if its too close to the nose you can increase the 7.5 as needed). Also due to the hierarchy you only have to set it to the class "rhsusf_CH53E_USMC". Don't forget to inherit the Helicopter base class for it. @[Dust]Sabre: At the current time only the config way is supported. Personally i have figured them out in game using a "Sign_Sphere25cm_F" and attaching it to the plane. Getting the point to be at around 1m off the ground is somewhat critical and figured changing configs to match is a whole lot easier compared to a mempoint. I was going to add an additional way to add them during runtime / missionsmaking so in cases of unsupported planes/choppers the missionmaker can set the correct variables to the vehicle. I can at the same time add a check for a memorypoint i guess. I'm aiming to do an upgrade at around the same time as Jets DLC releases. So i guess you can go ahead and add a memory point called "towPoint" and i'll add a check for that for the next update.
  5. leshrack

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    ??. You only need to have the pbo file to sign it with a key. In Arma 3 tools there is a binary DSSignFile.exe which you can use in the command prompt "DsSignFile.exe name_of_key.biprivatekey nameofpbotosign.pbo" and it'll give you a .bisign file. To create a key you can use "DSCreateKey.exe name_of_key" which will give you the name_of_key.biprivatekey to use with the sign exe and name_of_key.bikey for use on the server. (source: i routinely resign pbo's i don't have the source for with our own keys for various purposes) A wholly different question is if one is allowed to reupload the mod publicly with fixed keys. You can try to decypher the inconsistency with the rights ("redistribution not allowed without permission" but also shared with CC-BY-NC-ND which gives permission to redistribute but not to make derivs (does fixing the keys make it a derivitive?)) if you wish to but I'll pass on that ;)
  6. Hey sorry for the late response. Currently Tanoa vehicles aren't supported. I was planning on adding support but never really got around to it. Now I'm waiting for the Plane DLC to hit and I will be updating the mod with a few optimizations and a cool new feature(maybe(tm)) and up-to-date vanilla configs. If below you can't find a mod listed that you'd like to be supported let me know and I'll contact the author to find a solution (either native support or compat patch). As far as I'm aware the following mods support towing now without compat patches. RHS CUP F-18 and SU-35 Firewill's planes (might be out of date thought) USAF pack Unsung (forgot about this one :) )
  7. Hey, You need to copy the optional pbo for peral's airfield logistics from the optionals folder to the addons folder. That should fix the problem you are having.
  8. I might make a seperate mod for that at some point. I'd have to speak with Peral / the cup guys about it. But at this point its not in the plans. I'm struggling to find time to make the improvements that i want as it is :)
  9. The issue where you push it backwards and it lifts its nose has to do with the chopper itself. I can't remember the reason as to why that happens unfortunately but you'd see the same behaviour if you just gave the chopper a negative speed without using the towing mod. (Perhaps Chairborne can remember what the cause was as he was the one that figured it out iirc) The wheel offset is the coordinates which it uses to calculate the direction of the towed vehicle. I wrote a fancier setDir function to take it into account which actually also rotates the object around that point instead of [0,0,0] which is what setDir rotates around by default. It'll be included in the next update which i will endevour to get out in the following weeks to add APEX vehicle support.
  10. It works with John and Saul's F/A-18 if you copy the correct pbo from the optionals folder into the addons folder.
  11. that would be unfortunate, which version of CBA is this?
  12. Hah. To be honest i haven't had much time to look at this for quite a while. I'll need to do an update to coincide with Tanoa anyway maybe i'll get to writing that documentation. I never had real luck with the mobile landing platform but i'll have another crack at it.
  13. leshrack

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    RE fuel capacity: I wouldn't lower it too low. Its trivial for mission makers to limit the amount of fuel in a fuel tank per mission to encourage refueling and such but its more difficult (not impossible) to do the opposite for scenarios where the mission maker wants longer loitering times.
  14. I think the 23.42 was just a random number offered by sarogahtyp. But the meaning of that is to exclude planes/choppers that happen to fly over the area at the exact moment. Its around 5m above the nimitz deck (18+5 = 23). Happy to see you got it solved.
  15. I'd have to look at VVS to help more. I had a mission a while back in which i did edit the VVS a bit to give f-18's the nimitz related actions (iflols, cat, tailhook) but we were still spawning them on the mainland. I can try and see if i can find that particular bit of code and see if it still works and toss it over. Fun fact, you can actually use it as a variable name (if you set it to a unit in the editor). Your results may vary :) as it then proceeds to break every script that uses said script command to do something. One of our goups mission makers named a guy "driver" which somehow got overlooked with all the script errors various other scripts where throwing (he wasn't using -showScriptErrors) So on the op night we had to delay the start once we noticed that many things weren't working properly. Took me a good 30 minutes to try and figure out why it was causing all those errors. This was a few months ago though so it might have been fixed but it was definately in the 3den era.