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  1. Mate, this is not the way... There is a brilliant stand alone mod out there called "outfit gear" http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25910 You can go in to arsenal and save all of your load outs and then through this brilliant mod you can literally load out your whole team in like 10 seconds. It truly is a great mod that I am not sure many people know about.
  2. -lordsoth-

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Why is it so hard to find faction name for rhsgref that I can use with alive??? Searched the online rhs documentation but I'm struggling.
  3. -lordsoth-

    EDEN - Questions

    Basically they expect the editor to change that much during dev that all missions made with the beta will most likely not be compatible with the final release. As release is not set until early 2016 there will no doubt be many changes.
  4. -lordsoth-

    ASR AI 3

    I have seen this, for the life of me could not work out why it was so. The grenadier was the only unit in all of the RHS US units that was weaponless. Now not so much weaponless but more invisible as he was still moving around in the appropriate stances as though he was holding a weapon in his hands just couldn't see it. I would never have though ASR was the issue but i didn't test it. Just did a little script to replace that unit with a different weapon which seemed to work. More a band aid than a fix. Cheers.
  5. -lordsoth-

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    given what the mod does to the ai it would totally ruin any sort of scripting Ryd has done for his mission. It would be great to use as it has some awesome features but the fact it hijacks all the ai and does with them what the mod wants would totally ruin a mod like pilgrimage.
  6. Look at the alive wiki there is a snippet of script that can do exactly what you ask. I've used it to full loadouts on units spawned with alive.
  7. +1 this. For those who play sp like me this function would be awesome. Currently using outfit gear mod for this very reason. Cheers.
  8. set aaf to friendly towards nato and then they will both gang up on csat.
  9. -lordsoth-

    [WIP] Gear Selector

    Love your work mate. Will you be able to open profiles from arsenal and then apply them to units? Your GUI is very neat andand I'm really looking forward to using it.
  10. -lordsoth-

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    the unfortunate consequence of RHS having their own damage model :-(
  11. -lordsoth-

    ambient civilian

    maybe have a search of the forums mate and you will find exactly what it is your looking for. There are like a tonne of scripts out there that will do this for you.
  12. Hi, i have turned off all the debug options on my ALiVE modules and now I have lost the chat in the bottom left when using Combat Support. Anyone know of the top of their head which debug or option I need to get the chat back. I have no idea what my Combat Support are doing otherwise. Thanks.
  13. -lordsoth-

    [WIP] Gear Selector

    Also, what would be really neat and I like the neat look of your GUI, is to add a function like what is in "outfit gear" mod where you can select the members on your team and apply a particular loadout to them. This makes such a massive difference in SP being able to outfit your team at the click of a button.
  14. -lordsoth-

    ASR AI 3

    you going to make this modified version available to others with the credits of ASR_AI? or is that not allowed?
  15. -lordsoth-

    Altis Guerrilla Warfare

    Will these units eventually come with vehicles? Really nice mod and can't wait to get them in my missions.