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  1. drakedaeron

    (WIP) Aerostat

    1) Why do you use the Subsurf modifier ? Why not use the smooth function of blender ? You can adjust the intensity of the smoothing with, and that will make you save vertices. 2) I also see that you didn't stop modelling, thus, why not using the "mirror" modifier ? To avoid you redoing the same manipulations on both sides ? 3) And be careful, you Aerostat is dented ! Good luck !
  2. drakedaeron

    Napoleonic Era Addon's

    Good luck ! Very nice idea ! And... VIVE L'EMPEREUR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE !
  3. Hello! I need your help, because I am completely lost with Oxygen 2. I managed to import a 3D model in Oxygen 2, here it's the First Ordrer StormTrooper helmet, but, I don't know what to do then to get it ingame. How can it be done? I find nothing on Internet, just tutoriels for vehicles. Thank you !
  4. You need to activate the mod in the ARMA 3 Launcher !
  5. drakedaeron

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    So I think the release isn't probable for this week, Elite are really complicated to rigged.
  6. drakedaeron

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    Oh okay, i've do research, and in Halo CE, there is 4 passenger by wing, in Halo Reach, 7 passenger by wing. And really don't know how to do to get 15 passenger by wing, Spirit is rather small, I am going to be held it in 7 by wing. "The spirit gunna be in the first release and is it this week? " No Spirit in the first release, If I add some work every time for the first release finally, it will never arrive. This week ? I hope, but I take my time :) "Also as a quick question what other mods will this be compatible with apart from OPTRE?" Sure, completly compatible with OPTRE. "I was thinking to the lines of ACE3, ALiVE, TFAR and will the units be place-able with Zeus?" I haven't thought about that for the moment.
  7. drakedaeron

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    Anybody know how many passenger there is in the wings of the Spirit ? It's 7 by wing no ? For release she come soon. But it's like winter in Game Of Thrones, this take time :p
  8. This mod is awesome, omg a Tiger helicopter. Thank you guys you do a fantastic work.
  9. Uhm, euh, I've just turn left... And my tank... Physics... Uhm, watch the picture : I love STRV 122, new textures are really awesome. But I think the Strv 90 need a retexture. You do a really great work ! :)
  10. drakedaeron

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    When it's done. Probably in one week, but I don't know. Be patient I have a live also :p
  11. drakedaeron

    Global Special Forces - Alpha WIP

    No GIGN or 1er RPIMA ? But god bless you, it's a very good idea ! :)
  12. Oh yeah ! Very cool, Sweden in action ! When we can see the aviation in your mod? In particular the JAS 39 Gripen?
  13. drakedaeron

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    Brutes will be made, and Brutes weapons will come with Brutes. However, Brutes are rather secondary on my schedule... But already let us see how behaves Elites in ArmA 3, I would see for the other species later.
  14. drakedaeron

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    I am now able to tell you exactly the contents of this first release : -Plasma Rifle -Plasma Pistol -Energy Sword -Fuel Rodd Cannon -Ghost -Elite with minor armor No CSAT Retexture so, but directly Elites. The First Release come probably in July, It's very likely but you never can tell what can arrive in the life of everything in daytime. The contents will not move for this first release, no addition at the last minute. I think of redoing Ghost later according to the ingame render of this one. However, even if it will not be magnificent quality you will have all the same the opportunity to play with and to accustom you to manipulate him. The next major addition will be the dropship Spirit. Now that you are informed, you just have to be patient. :)
  15. drakedaeron

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    I send to you a private message, if you're French this will be very easy to communicate :p