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  1. Mc Diddles

    Co-op Campaign: APEX PROTOCOL

    In the second mission are there any civvies or unarmed rebels? Had this odd encounter with a ghost... https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8943308/ShareX/2016/07/civvie_escape.webm
  2. Mc Diddles

    3den Enhanced

    Just wondering, is there anyway of sticking an ignore dependencies function for the Enhanced Eden Editor? As someone who has a constantly changing modpack, having to change presets all the time to match the dependency checklist is an absolute ball-ache. In the old 2D editor we were able to just remove lines from the mission.sqm (Which generated an error but nothing more) but ever since Eden started binarizing mission files I haven't managed to find a way around it (without having to unbinarize the file first.) Least it now gives a checklist of what you're missing.
  3. No worries. I figured a majority of the objects available were just from ported terrains mistakenly made accessible with the eden editor update (hey I'm not complaining, the more structures the better!) Glad to hear they're now arranged in the editor for better usage.
  4. Thanks for the answer. For some reason I had it my head that CUP was only looking at units, weapons and terrains. Not placeable objects or animations (one quick look at the dev haven confirms I'm in the wrong.)
  5. Hate to be "that guy." (did do a quick search through the thread first.) But do you know what ever happened to the missing dead body objects such as the mass graves and hanged doctors from the A2 campaign? I seem to remember they were in an early, early build but that might of been back in AiA. I can see why they were removed if they're as buggy as they were back then. Just curious if they were removed by moral choice or if they were too much work to get working.
  6. Mc Diddles

    Bovington testing grounds Dorset

    As someone who lives an hour and a half drive from Bovington (the constant visits to the Tank Museum in cadets, jesus) can't say I'm not excited, especially when it's coming from one of the most detailed map creators in Arma. What I would give to see Lulworth beach in Arma...
  7. Mc Diddles

    Fire-Fight Improvement System

    Ah, that might it explain it then. I just stuck some mortar units 1 kilo away on a hill somewhere and hoped for the best. Videos uploading now, I'll post it once it's finished. ---------- Post added at 21:43 ---------- Previous post was at 20:59 ---------- Mind the poor framerate for the first minute or so, Dxtory playing it's old tricks again. Times worth mentioning Mortars - 1:30 AI Flanking/Falling back - 3:30 Slow AI reaction time along with a ghost - 6:30 (might be something to work on in the future?) Along with various parts of the video of AI trying to evade fire. Hope this helps.
  8. Mc Diddles

    Fire-Fight Improvement System

    I've just recorded a quick 10 minute long-range firefight using this mod to test out how AI react to engagements 500+ meters away. I've noticed that mortar shells seem to always land 50 meters away from the target and the AI seem to be a bit hesitant to fire despite being in greater number (I'll let you be the judge of that once it's uploaded.) Either way it was much more entertaining and authentic compared to vanillas laser-locked-singleshot-shootouts. http://puu.sh/47tBl/88a7921a60.rar Might have to edit the unit layouts but everything should be in working order. Markers cause a shit ton of script errors though so I suggest turning them off while testing.
  9. Mc Diddles

    Fire-Fight Improvement System

    I've just recorded a 600m long range fire-fight using this mod and I've noticed a few things that may need work on such as CQB and mortar splash area. But I'll let you be the judge of that once it's uploaded. Off-topic http://puu.sh/47tBl/88a7921a60.rar It was a quick template made back in the early Beta-dev-build so expect a ton of script-errors. So far all it is units and APC's, only spawns and waypoints work I'm afraid.
  10. Mc Diddles

    Fire-Fight Improvement System

    Shaping up to be one of the must-have mods for Arma 3. Did some testing with different frameworks last night. I can confirm that it works with UPSmod, converted F2 and DAC, though there are some conflicting issues with DAC which I'm looking for a work around.
  11. Mc Diddles

    Fire-Fight Improvement System

    Brilliant mod, but if it's too much to ask is there anyway to add some AI supressive fire/ increase the firerate towards enemies? From a mission makers standpoint, I have tried every trick in the book to try and get AI to fire at a previous location of a enemy, but nothing I've done has ever seemed to work (I've limited it down to the fact that when an AI spots a player, providing they have no visual behind terrain or map-placed-buildings, they will never fire towards that direction until the player pops out again). It's just that the AI just completetly seizes fire when a player ducks under a wall really ruins some of the Arma experince for me. Well, that and singleshotting LMG's.