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  1. karbiner

    How do you use mask line?

    Get in contact with this guy. Its a simple program where you load in your mask, select the colour you want to fill and go nuts :)
  2. A screen of the roads with the crop to mapframe naturally :P
  3. Would like some screenshots of the results
  4. Testing is still going on but the results are looking very promising!
  5. "defined random values of size" Does this mean you can set a min/max size for objects or a min/max offset? Very interesting program indeed EDIT and what about spacing?
  6. karbiner

    Tanoa Trees

    Won't they be released by BIS some day?
  7. karbiner

    Bad version 71 in p3d file

    Well both object builder and terrainbuilder are linked to the arma3.exe and yet it complained about not having the steamappid when launching TB.. And all works as it should now..
  8. karbiner

    Bad version 71 in p3d file

    I used arma tools first, didnt work. I updated all mikero tools and used arma3p, and now there is files missing on my P drive and I have no clue how to get those back (tobieyex or something and the steamappid map are gone along with other DLL files) EDIT: Found the files, copied them back where they belong, reinstalled buldozer on the right path and now buldozer starts and loads all objects! :)
  9. karbiner

    Bad version 71 in p3d file

    And then re extract all the files to the P drive?
  10. karbiner

    Bad version 71 in p3d file

    Can you be more specific? because as far as I know I have done all that you said but it doesn't work so either it realy doesn't work or I'm doing something different than u suggest.. EDIT: If you want you can add me on steam so we might work something out via teamviewer or something, I have TS3 server aswell. My steam is just "karbiner" with a picture of senior joffrey
  11. karbiner


    These are the Tanoan trenches: http://imgur.com/NsGBCOG They are objects and there is another version of them with more mud/leaves on top. I think these look the best but youll have to wait untill they are released for mappers
  12. karbiner

    Bad version 71 in p3d file

    Reloading the object libaries didn't work either. Maybe something rings a bell when I say I used xcam for all the placed objects?
  13. karbiner


    + they added trenches in Tanoa that are objects, so you'll have to join the wait untill they are released for mappers
  14. karbiner

    Bad version 71 in p3d file

    I'am pretty sure it has something to do with the objects. Ive re extracted the game data already, reinstalled buldozer and its config. When I start buldozer with all the objects hidden it will start normally.