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  1. I can't say much since I have never ever had enough money for the heavy luxury helicopter, but I believe that, since all of the missions are replay, you cannot change the helicopter that will be used. It will be the same again and again. Now maybe there is an exception in the private contracts section where every mission is thought to be different, at least the location changes. There could be a chance. Nevertheless, you can enjoy your chopper in free flight inside the career and also there wouldn't be a real difference between the choppers since there are actually the same thing.
  2. JohnKalo

    Unpbo official scenarios?

    Well that ain't good. I hope sometime the downloads will be back online. One thing I would like to point out however is that, as I have heard(actually read), there are many similarities between Arma 2,3 and Take on Helicopters in the editing section. But if you ask me editing in Arma games is quite complicating. Hope you can eventually succeed in making missions cause there are just a few sadly:(. Best Luck.....
  3. JohnKalo

    Unpbo official scenarios?

    Same thing here. The mission's folder of the take on helicopters game seems to be empty, except from a readme file. There is however this link: http://takeonthegame.com/take-on-editing/ which might help you. There are mission samples and more available to download.
  4. Best luck. And also I have personally never had the experience with Hope it doesn't happen again...
  5. JohnKalo

    Loading issues

    No problem. Now a couple of questions: Can you go talk to your brother at the office or maybe at the business manager at the heliport? Where are these people? Do they exist? Cause if the manager is there then some saved content is saved:). Have you placed any patches on your game before you continued the game? Or have you altered the take on helicopters files directory? P.S.If things don't go well before you uninstall and re-install your game completely keep a copy of your saved games and after you have re-installed it you could place the old saves so as, if it is just a bug, not to lose what you have accomplished so far. Or try repairing the game via the setup.exe.
  6. Well to start with it is a fact that many times, when you continue a saved game, the chopper starts acting like crazy. Most of the times you just have to adjust your joystick a little bit backwards or a little bit forwards so as to be able to regain control over your helicopter. The throttle also has got some extreme changes when you start an auto-save cause the second the save procedure tool place the throttle was in another position, even a millimeter counts. I have personally crushed three or four times due to this happening. Another way to be sure of your saves is to save the game yourself a couple of times. Then your chances are double.:cool: Moreover in the Best Laid Plans mission the problem might be that you have to make a fast descent and land directly to the right place, I believe it has a 5 meter radius. The first time I played the career I crushed many times trying to do so. On the other hand maybe the game is having a bug. I hope you haven't downloaded it, any problems have arisen, and also that you have applied all of the patches.
  7. JohnKalo


    Well ok but the problem is that a large amount of graphics will need to be erased, graphics which make the game better. And the tunnel can't be depicted cause it's underground so... But on the other hand it would make the game more up to date:cool:
  8. JohnKalo

    Loading issues

    If I understood correctly in the menu before you start the career the last option is Heliport. Well that is something normal when you play this mission "A government situation" or any other private contracts. You just continue, start the game, press escape, then go contracts and then choose the next contract, the one without a check. And the game continues...
  9. JohnKalo

    What city next?

    Why not Paris or Abu Dhabi? I would really like flying around the human-constructed islands of Abu Dhabi. And also land on the helipad of the unique in the world 7 star hotel! It would be great....
  10. JohnKalo


    Excuse me but, what do you mean by via-duct? I even googled it and I still don't seem to understand. Do you really mean the bridge? I don't believe so because, what's the point here? I don't get it!?!?!?
  11. JohnKalo

    responing helicopter

    I don't believe so but anyways it would ruin the fun. There is enough money to buy a medium helicopter from the missions and if you want another heavy why not replay the private contracts? There is also a taxi service add on which has been mentioned in the forums. I haven't personally tried it but they say it is quite good.
  12. JohnKalo

    I forgot...

    Can this really happen? Why haven't I been informed about it? Although that I suppose that after all these patches this bug you are talking about has been fixed....
  13. I would like to stress that if lights were placed all around Seattle then night helicopter flying would be breathtaking....
  14. I would agree although there has been registration key issues before on online game-play though. Maybe this will help: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?140063-Registration-failed-Invalid-CD-Key
  15. JohnKalo

    Patch issue?

    Now this is quite important, has any other game reported this error before? And also some times computers need a defragment or else they tend to "miss" data. Have you defragmented your computer lately? Also another thing is the driver. Many games, especially old ones, tend to need to be installed on the windows driver which is normally C. This is not normal these days but maybe GameStop has such a requirement. I have no knowledge about this site but since you have downloaded the game maybe it needs to be installed on C. Last but not least, is there any auto update provided by the aforementioned site?
  16. JohnKalo

    Patch issue?

    To start with I would like to warn you, I hope early enough, not to start any missions on your game if you don't apply all of the patches. If you act likewise then you will end up hitting your head on the wall, as I did and it still hurts... The problem is that all saved progress will be useless due to the update. It will say saved game not compatible with game version. Now in order for me to check your problem I would like you to inform me, if you have downloaded or purchased the game in a CD form. Sadly there are quite a few problems in this download kind of situation. Moreover you could try using the patch 1.01 to 1.06 straight through in order to check if it would work. Hope that this works so as for you to start playing this fantastic game.
  17. JohnKalo

    New to TOH...

    Nice joystick and great PC. I am sure you will have a fantastic experience with this perfect one of a kind simulator. And also please don't forget, if it pleases you and as long as you are well experienced, to go online and participate in the extra challenging multiplayer missions......
  18. JohnKalo

    Underwater Improvements

    And also to remind ourselves of operation Bullseye where you are forced to fight on foot. And also there is a multiplayer convoy mission where I was personally shot down, but managed through auto-rotation to land safely, and started fighting on foot while waiting for extraction from the other players. Sadly although I managed to fight off the enemy soldiers the evac plan never occurred because the other players were too busy following the rest of the surviving convoy:confused: Were did leave no man behind go?:confused: And also if Seattle was made for military foot operations then it would really be a huge plus since so many more could be organized.
  19. Well that's one home-adjusted throttle. :cool: This sticks are usually stiff so as to simulate throttle in airplanes. They are not designed to be used on helicopters. But on the other hand there is sadly no helicopter designed joystick out in the market. It would really be great to have a throttle specifically for helicopters and if needed why not adjust the throttle and the joystick to a chair of some sort so as to have the joystick between your legs just like in real helicopters. It would really be a unique product. I mean how difficult can it be? Why has no company made such a thing?
  20. What I would like to report is that one time the evac chopper did indeed land in the water in this mission. It was really crazy and I was like "what?" but that wasn't the only problem. I had reached that point after killing at least a dozen OPFOR's by taking the AK-47's from the dead enemy soldiers. The initial ammo had depleted. And although the enemies that I had managed to eliminate there were more coming. So I thought OK I will just go towards the river and they will be forced to find another route in order to catch me. But those guys had no problem literally walking on water!?!? I thought that I could, OK it is a bug that helped me reach the chopper, but come on...... I started walking and shooting at the same time and it was really exciting with the adrenaline, the bullets, the shells from my weapon and all but it would be a lot more sensible if something similar would happen on land?!?!
  21. Many thanks for the editing guide. I will make sure that I will spend some serious time on this one. Although I don't think that I will be able to work things out, I will however try.:D Also, is anybody aware of any already existing missions, except convoy attack and operation pegasus, that will offer some fun time of game-play? I would really appreciate it since I am constantly looking for more multiplayer missions that would attract more players going online.
  22. That is the problem I believe with all the guys that really want to make something more out of this game. I have searched and I have dramatically not found anything witch can help me to start editing missions in TOH.... Just one video of how to make a sling loading mission. And the irony is that I kind of dislike these kind of missions. And another point. Why aren't the Bohemia Interactive programmers enhancing this game with more missions? Something like a patch whatsoever. There are so many possibilities, so many challenges that can arise. I mean it can't be simple but you cannot leave a game without enhancements. In the forum itself there are so many suggestions. P.S. If there is another way of learning this kind of mission editing please inform me.
  23. JohnKalo

    I hate Steam's download version

    Hi again, I can do nothing more than disagree with the later statement. I have bought the CD, played the career twice and had no problems at all. Everything was smooth and without bugs. Also the antenna mission is not mandatory so you can always skip it although that now you have started it I don't think that you can. Last but not least, do the difficulties occur when you try to attach the antenna on the tower? Maybe the altitude should be adjusted or maybe you must go a bit left or right. Are you perfectly sure that you are in the right position? I mean a meter or so could make the difference. I personally tried many times before succeeding even with auto-hover, couldn't possibly leave it aside the first time......
  24. 32 GB Ram??? Man that is way off... Hope you really enjoy your PC. And well if you say so although I can't say that I will buy an SSD, I congratulate you for your options....
  25. I am really not sure and I have tried locating this particular mission's data or script but no luck there. Have you got any idea where these files are? Maybe I could send you my mission's files so as to solve your problem.... I have got windows 7 professional.( so as to check the compatibility)....