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  1. Leaulux

    The Undead Mod

    Where is Charon? He hasn't been on in over six months. The only reason why I even bother playing ARMA is because of great mods like his.
  2. Praise Jesus! All of my prayers have been answered!
  3. Are these guys BLUFOR or Independent? If they are not BLUFOR, I won't bother downloading them.
  4. Leaulux

    Terminator Rising (WIP)

    I'm so excited for this mod seriously, the most important aspect of ARMA 3 for me is the Science Fiction and Horror custom addons.
  5. Leaulux

    Swedish Army Mod 3 (SAM)

    Are you going to make them BLUFOR finally? The quality of the mod was great in ARMA 2 but I refused to use them as Independent only.
  6. Leaulux

    The Undead Mod

    Thanks bro, I didn't know who she was until you mentioned it.
  7. Leaulux

    The Undead Mod

    The only reason I am keeping ARMA 2 installed is for the Undead Mod 2 which be a very touching final goodbye and after that I'll stick with ARMA 3. :)
  8. Leaulux

    The Undead Mod

    I've been messing around with that breakthrough that SKR made in the past where you could use the Undead Mod in ARMA 3. (with a lot of bugs though!) The ragdolls really are fantastic, and running over the zombies and having an vision of the Undead Mod 3 makes me feel tingly inside :o
  9. Leaulux

    The Undead Mod

    Hey! That's my favorite map for the Undead Mod lol. I love using the Leon Kennedy character from Resident Evil and pretending that it is Raccoon City. In the past, I made a mission where when Civilians would be attacked by Undead, they would "Call 9-1-1" (Triggers that activated Police Forces when Civilians detected Indepedent) It was cool seeing the Police race to their vehicles and head out of the police station and over time, you could fly over the city and see the Officers attempting to stem the outbreak and control their checkpoints along with SWAT Reinforcements. After they would be overrun, I would have the Military come in and set up a Quarantine Zone or sometimes an "escape mission" with a nuclear explosion. :cool: Ahhh great times, my PC suffered so much lol.
  10. Leaulux


    Praise to the Charon God! It's sooo much easier now to understand why that group of reinforcements never showed up :cool:
  11. Leaulux

    EM_buildings - new buildings

    NICE! Those buildings look delicious for CQC Combat...Something that has been lacking in the ARMA Series for a long time. Not to mention it will be fun seeing those buildings used in a Urban Map in the future along with the Undead Mod. :o
  12. Should BI release a Content Patch containing new units, vehicles, etc on April 5th to mark one month of the Alpha being released? Or should they continue working on bugs and performance?
  13. Glad to see you involving your son with your hobby ;) My dad would just crack a beer bottle over my head and tell me to shut the bleep up!
  14. Thanks for the mod, but please get rid of the yellow text it's killing my eyes. ;)
  15. The maps look amazing with the new lighting engine in ARMA 3! Are these islands considered "New Maps" or will we have to do some kind of synchronization between our ARMA 2 and ARMA 3 files?