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  1. Uafasach

    Urban Conquest by tvig0r0us

    Sweet! Been playing with the A3 version today and having a blast, had to admit I was a bit worried the A2 version might not get as much loving... Glad to see I was worried about nothing. :) Off to put these through their paces on my server. :)
  2. All I can say is HELL YEAH! :) Was about to try my hand at doing this myself, pop onto the forums to see if there was any update to the ArmA2 version and saw this post... You've made my night, tvig0r0us.
  3. Uafasach

    Urban Conquest by tvig0r0us

    Having a blast with the latest version. Guess I lucked out with the ACR issue as I had just installed ACR lite on my server a few minutes before getting the notice you had uploaded a new version. Been having a lot of fun with friends, and even solo running it with ASR_AI, tpwcas, and some of the ShackTac mods (stmovement,stbunnyhop,sthud,stmapautobrightness) on veteran/masterful AI settings and default mission parameters. Having some amazing firefights, and learning real quick what constitutes cover when a jet or hind catches wind of your location. Not feeling brave enough yet to add in ACE, maybe soon. Really loving this and looking forward to see how it plays on other maps. Might even crack open the pbo myself and start tinkering. :) I'd love to hear from others some of the parameter settings they've used to produce interesting and fun conflicts. I've yet to use it.. but seeing the UN forces in the Independent selection put a smile on my face and made me contemplate possible scenarios.
  4. Uafasach

    Urban Conquest by tvig0r0us

    tvig0r0us, was curious if the mod @TPWCAS would play nice with this mission considering the AI work you've done. I did a quick run with it, and it seemed to be working ok, with the exception of some spurious 'check you fire' calls from AI groupmates when no shots were fired. About to look through the logs and see if anything popped up but figured I'd ask here just in case you or anyone else running the missions had tried running with it.
  5. Uafasach

    Urban Conquest by tvig0r0us

    Having a blast with the latest version, haven't noticed any bugs yet. Will say it does seem to be running smoother now on my server.
  6. Uafasach

    Urban Conquest by tvig0r0us

    Hey tvig0r0us, After being a BI fan since the days of the original OF, finally created a forum account for the sole purpose of letting you know how annoyed I am with you. Because of you and your Urban Conquest missions, not only have I a rented a dedicated server.. I even went out and bought two more copies of combined ops for friends... You jerk, costing me all that money.. ;p Keep up the great work.