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  1. very aware of Depbo, just like to get permission first. Second after looking it over...i didnt see much that I didnt have. Turned on the debug for commander and it looked the same. debug the units...same....maybe OPCOM just got worse since last update?
  2. ^If I cant see how it was built this does me no good. Need to see the map with settings. Just saying build it like this does not help. ---------- Post added at 11:08 ---------- Previous post was at 11:04 ---------- http://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=8704869879 http://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=8704869932 http://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=8704869956 The first 2 are pics of what it looks like with the debug on after about eh ~2 mins in game. the 3rd is the mission itself without preview. I dont get why its profiling the whole map when I have only that square controlling what ALIVE see's as objectives...is that a problem?
  3. after setting it up like the wiki page it tells me I have 154 objectives and to lower it to 80? my TAOR is only 5000 square over the center of the map. blufor has 3 bases and opfor has 4 (from the mil modules). I bumped up the unit count to 400 to get things moving....now opfor jumps at the throat of blufor attacking main bases within not even 30 secs of start up. Blufor does literally nothing. Does not move.....Still having issues ---------- Post added at 10:59 ---------- Previous post was at 10:47 ----------
  4. Im having issues on altis......I have 2 factions on either side of the map, I have 2 military modules one for unit placement and the other for objectives linked to the military commander mod, also a civ mod with just objectives, each mil commander mods are synced with the other so they "see" each other......got all the units up. no problem, C2STAR works fine....no one is moving....the Russian army took two towns but the US has not moved an inch. Both are on occupy. I want both armys taking towns and bases, so the war is pushing back and forth so there is a "front line". Invasion is a mess both armys just throw each other at the other and its a wreck with in 5 mins the russians are at the door of the main US base. But occupy no one moves? Any advice or some help? Both has 200 groups for both unit mil modules....add more?
  5. Im still having a really hard time getting any of the Asymmetric stuff working. even with low troop counts. just seems like nothing ever happens. sometimes enemy units never move.....looked at the mission provided copied it and pasted it in an other map and nothing. Anyone have a youtube tutorial cause Im not seeing one. Thanks
  6. anusmangler

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    anyone have version 0.5 of this laying around?
  7. Bornholm does not load for me AT ALL. all I have is a ammo box....a very basic script for "sleeping" and 1 player unit. I have the required ALIVE modules, plus logistics / Mil commander / a civ objective and CQB.....and It loads REAL slow/ then never goes into gameplay. Mind you I only have 60 units spawning total...both CIv objectives only have 30 units each.....Anyone know whats up or what the problem is....Not a noobie but not a expert either....
  8. I was going to post about this myself. Its even rare for Friendly or enemy opcom to advance on any custom objective. I think that is broken as of now
  9. A small suggestion.....C2ISTAR has friendly armies listed for tasks....unless there are intended tasks to help or combine forces to attack or defend a target could they be removed? Have the list only have the armies that are used in the current mission....Example, No reason to have AFF and CSAT listed if only fighting CSAT. example 2.....There no reason to have african pirates, ISIS, and CSAT if only using ISIS on the mission.
  10. Does anyone know if the "insurgents" in the updated escalation mod work with alive or are they currently being indexed?
  11. That's an on going issue with alive as of right now due to the BI (FOV) update "firing from vehicles". ALIVE spawns in units to fill those roles. There's no way to get around that as of right now. I use the chinook and the MEV heli to get around. Sometimes I get freaky and use a car with the transport module, it works out..........most of the time.
  12. since Im assuming no one saw my question from before Ill ask again. Does anyone else have the issue where units spawn on the skids on the humming bird or in the bed of the offroad when using them as a transport? is there a work around or a fix coming soon? or is this from a bad download or corrupt file?
  13. Has there been any fix or work around for helis (ie hummingbird) or off road vehicles loading with troops already on the skids or in the truck bed? Some one may have posted a fix but I didn't see it going back a few pages.
  14. Idk if someone already commented on this because Im not going to pan through ~450 pages of comments to find out. However does anyone else have the issue were if you use a hummingbird as a support vehicle he skids already have crew members on them and the only seats available are the 2 in the "back seat"? Idk if because im running a mod or 2 (mainly graphical ie blast core, or custom faction ie escalation) Anyone else have this problem?
  15. I found a bug where the humming bird has units already on the side skirts when used under the "combat support requester" . Id if thats ment to be like that but Im hoping its not.