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  1. trent

    Laws of War DLC Feedback

    Having a trailer center on an in-universe powerpoint presentation wasn't the most thrilling thing. But I hope this: means you're going to play up the unreliable narrator trope with playable flashbacks.
  2. trent

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    I really hope they fix the Tank AI. Crewman take so long to notice enemies right in front of them. Often you can see the turret waver as it tries to decide between targets.
  3. 964m wingspan 16 engines 6 CIWS turrets, 6 twin flak cannons, 88 rear-facing AA missile tubes 2 catapults, 1 runway, 2 helipads Waterborne takeoff and landing It's a very rare model and I'm currently inserting it into a flight sim game, but I think it would make a good objective in Arma as a static object with turrets. The model is free to anyone who has an existing plane addon to their name.
  4. trent

    Malden DLC, a campaign is missing

    Would love remakes of OFP missions using A3 assets a la these Ground Attack missions. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=169777434
  5. trent

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    I think as GreenFor already has an excellent tank and a powerful IFV they'll give it a light artillery unit, like the G6 Rhino We already know OpFor gets the T-14. For BluFor I think they'll do a repeat of its CAS unit by having a futurised Abrams, with the railgun that was cut during game development and the exterior trappings of Poland's PL-01. The rest of development will focus on game-side stuff like realistic damage.
  6. https://www.pcgamingshow.com/ The PC Gaming Show is taking place on Monday at 10am LA time. Anyone know what to expect? No Arma stuff. Maybe more DayZ and possibly an educational VR game. edit: looks like it's going to be their F2P game, Argo.
  7. trent

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    Minor bug report: the Praetorian CIWS models are the wrong way round from their real-life counterparts with the sensors on the right side instead of left. http://www.imfdb.org/images/thumb/f/f1/A3ciws.jpg/600px-A3ciws.jpg vs https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/40/HMS_Daring_(D32)_Phalanx_CIWS.jpg/220px-HMS_Daring_(D32)_Phalanx_CIWS.jpg
  8. trent

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    I'm wary of any Crisis Relief DLC. The Czech DLC for A2 turned their relief missions into waypoint hunting.
  9. trent

    Jets DLC revealed

    Wait, there's only one new scenario? That sucks, how can you showcase 4 new units in one mission? Only a handful of modders have the skill to make missions with the right balance of difficulty, presentation, and the like, and they usually focus on infantry. Fact is you can't match a team of professionals who do this as their full-time job with the backing of a studio.
  10. trent

    Jets DLC revealed

    GreenFor keeps winning with the best equipment. BlueFor - an F/A-18 made out of F/A-22 furniture GreenFor - JAS 39 Gripen OpFor - T-50/PAK-FA Possibly all factions - X-47B Drone As an aside, I'm hoping the mods can clear out the stickied topics for the eventual Jets DLC sticky. Best practice is to have 3-5 stickies AT MOST! Certainly not half the first page.
  11. AI has never been a problem from me. Aside from the fact all the Air missions are done alone, the one Armour mission I'm fine with just having friendly units in the general AO. I don't need them to match formations with me.
  12. After replaying East Wind for the nth time it really reminded me how little Arma makes use of its vehicles. BIS make dozens of fully-realised, controllable vehicles and they use them as window dressing for missions. Things fighting in the background to give some nice explosions or parked up to flesh out an FOB. No different from the scripted blackhawk helicopter rides in CoD. Even the damned new VTOL in Apex only got used as a stationary prop. There are 3 tanks, 3 IFVs and 3 APCs but only 1 single, solitary showcase mission for armor. 3 jets but again only 1 mission, the rest content to fly around in the background for the campaign. And whilst posters here routinely decry arcade shooters for being so scripted, every jet attack (or in most cases failure to attack the player) is entirely scripted. 11 helicopters/VTOLs now with Apex but only 3 showcases. So to recount out of a 28 mission campaign (that's discounting all the Camp interludes), a 5 mission mini-campaign (DLC), a 7 mission co-op campaign (Apex) and 21 stand-alone missions there are, what, 8 vehicle missions? You may point to modders for a solution but their Scenarios really aren't on the same level as a those made by a dedicated team who do this as their full-time employment and know the technology the game is built on inside and out.
  13. I played through it. This time it assigned me the Toronto objective with the optional objective of clearing the radio tower. I think the first time I manually assigned the radio tower as my current objective but I can't be sure, or if that made a difference.
  14. After untying the cop at point New York, I then go to secure the radio mast. I died doing so and when I respawned the "Search New York" objective was assigned again. The radio mast objective was still present so I went and did that and nothing happened. The New York objective was still open so I traveled back and all there is is an invulnerable cop standing in the house. You can see it happen to someone else in this video. Did I miss something extra in NY or is this a scripting bug? Also searching other videos revealed that there's supposed to be an ANN cutscene that plays before the first mission. This didn't happen and I got dropped right in the middle of looking for someone called Keystone. No dev branch and no mods running.
  15. Thank goodness it's still there. The 3d editor, even in map mode, is awful.