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  1. killernate98

    F-16 Custom USAF Textures

    Great job! they look great, always nice to have more skins for such a beautiful plane!
  2. killernate98

    Pinaz's Retexture Project

    Woah, fantastic job! Cannot wait for these!!
  3. dont ask for updates. they will tell us if they have an update to share. :)
  4. killernate98

    SMA (Specialist Military Arms) mod

    Cannot wait for these guns,they are looking great!
  5. Looking great!!! love the vehicle. Arma 2 is still going strong!
  6. killernate98

    MRAP Cougar

    yay! so happy to hear more news, been waiting so long for this!
  7. killernate98

    ADuke's OH58D Pack

    he will provide updates when he is ready.
  8. Great job! Superb models, can't find one thing i don't like about them! Keep it up!
  9. killernate98

    Your mods being stolen and ported to GTA IV

    The unit looks ripped from Medal of Honor: Warfighter. I think his name is Voodoo. The black hawk looks exactly like the Arma 3 one. This has to be stopped. :mad:
  10. killernate98

    WIP British Infantry

    The answer is usually "when they are done".:p
  11. killernate98

    MK18 Mod 1

    Great job, they look amazing! :bigsmile:
  12. I agree with putting a shade on top of the turret. Any MRAP i've seen has one.
  13. I personally would love to use it. It looks VERY good. I love seeing more MRAPs.
  14. Really awesome addon, i love it. Cant wait for the release! :jump_clap:
  15. killernate98

    ExA RG-31 Mk5

    Hey guys, I Really love the truck and have been using it since the day it was released. I was wondering if you guys ever have plans of adding anything like this: http://www.armyrecognition.com/forum_pic/RG-31_Slat-armor_ArmyRecognition_Forum_001.jpg to the vehicle in future updates? Thanks, keep up the good work!