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    ARP2 Objects Pack

    I am being Dog's Father Figure. I am proud to say I have a very mature and grown up son as he excels in his profession :)
  2. Chapple

    AIA Shader Error

    Got it working before suggestion. Deleted it from My Docs and it worked.
  3. Just getting Shader errors after I uninstalled AIA. Haven't been able to play for a few months..
  4. Chapple

    AIA Shader Error

    Hello, I have tried everything I can. For the past few months, I have been unable to play ArmA 3 due to the All In ArmA .bat file. I can not run the game without AIA, otherwise I get these errors: No Entry 'config.bin.tooltipDelay'. (After which I hit ok, it begins to launch, and then..) Shaders not valid (mismatch of exe and data?) I have uninstalled the game and have deleted all AIA folders and ArmA 3 files and data numerous times from my computer. I run GTX 680, so it's not graphics. I have run with and without dev build. I have Verified my game cache and backed up files. I have, of course, uninstalled and reinstalled my game, to no avail. This is a problem, since the past few updates for me have done nothing, and I can't even play with my friends anymore. Thanks, Chapple
  5. Chapple

    SOC WIP Thread

    So glad I knew you as a friend before you created all of this. You are awesome, bro.
  6. Chapple

    Shader error?

    Hi, After the last few updates, I haven't played ArmA III in a while. Around a week ago, I try to get on, and I get an error that says this... No entry 'config.bin.tooltipDelay'. After I hit ok, it has a black screen, looking like the game is starting, then crashes with this error... Shaders not valid (mismatch of exe and data?) I am running on a GTX680 4gb with Crucial, and in the past I NEVER had this problem. I am able to run ArmA III FULLY maxed on Ultra. I have no idea what my problem is, as it happened only after a few A3 updates. I have tried turning on and off Dev build. Doesn't work. Thanks, Chapple
  7. The RG-31 with the arm on it is called a Buffalo. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_(mine_protected_vehicle) Technically, it's an MRAP with an arm on it and some goodies fit just for EOD boys.
  8. I can't even get on the game. I get some weird shader error when I try to play. Some other errors too.
  9. Chapple

    [W.I.P] Leopard 2 A6

    Same as above me. If you have progress, show it! We'd love to see it. Also, over and out is incorrect radio etiquette.
  10. I learned about ACE from your videos 3 years ago, and I was like "Omg this is awesome" Two years later I learned about ACSE, and I am freaking out. I am torn between JSRS and ACSE now :(
  11. Unsung runs just as good without ACE as it does with ACE IMO. With ACE, a little better, but not too noticeable. So that's why campaigns aren't always ACE dependent. I don't even think addons like these are built around ACE with their SP anyway, as far as I know.
  12. Awesome: 1) This. 2) The creator References: Webster's Dictionary.