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  1. Does anyone else have lots of issues with the RHS factions and ALiVE? I've had problems wherever the RHS factions are involved. Namely the logistics and Player task modules. For some reason the logistics module does not want to recognize the russian VDV as a OPFOR faction, and it refuses to let me use the module when i'm playing with a VDV group (Even though the AI Commander and his military placement modules are set to VDV and working just fine). I tried the same with MSV faction, and it recognized it as being on the OPFOR side, but not as being the MSV faction (It would only let me call in units if I set the Logistics module to "side" and not "faction"). I then tried the same with the US Army factions, and they all worked just fine. Very strange. I then had similar problems with the task generator, which seemed to randomly select which side was the enemy and which one was friendly. Even though I had set up the enemy and friendly factions in the module, it would give me tasks targeting our own assets and troops, often in the same session as when it had given us a task correctly targeting the enemy faction. In one case, while testing out my VDV mission, it gave me an objective to "pick up troops" in the middle of our airbase. Upon arrival, I found a single US Army rifleman attempting to kill all the friendlies with a "pick up troops" marker over his head. I'm not running anything else besides ALiVE, CBA, and RHS. I'm pretty sure I have everything updated as well. If anyone knows whats going on here, help would be appreciated.
  2. Ok, 2 hours of scratching my head and literally 1 obviously missing ";" later, I finally got it to work. The problem is, this seems to only affect the resupply options, not the reinforcement options. Meaning you can still call in all the US Army AI groups. So it only really fixed half the problem. I'm going to search around and see if there's anyway to restrict the reinforcement groups, but if anyone knows how, please let me know :) Also thanks for the help Spyder, I really appreciate it.
  3. Thanks! I'm trying this now, will edit to tell you if I have any success UPDATE: Well nothing thus far, I'm doing as you say, but for some reason it doesn't seem to be affecting anything in-game I'm pretty sure i'm doing something wrong with the staticData.sqf or init.sqf. I have them both set up as SQF files in my mission folder, I pasted the lines exactly as you showed, and I deleted both the groups and dialog options I didn't want, but again when I load up the mission in the editor nothing seems to have changed. Again i'm a total noob at this, so I've probably made some simple error somewhere. This is where I currently have the SQF files: \Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\Westonsammy\missions\ye.Stratis And I have the lines you told me to paste inside of each of those (and nothing more, I might add). So if you see anything I may have done wrong or forgotten to do, please point it out. Again sorry if its some simple newbie mistake
  4. Quick question I'm trying to exclude certain vehicle classes from the player logistics module, but can't seem to find anyway to do so. I'm using the RHS US Army woodland faction, and i'm trying to make it so that players can't simply call in a Abrams platoon or something ridiculous whenever they feel like it. Currently, when using the player logistics, it allows for any RHS US Army Woodland unit or group to be called in. I tried restricting this through a number of ways, first with the player logistics disable module, but from my understanding that only applies to objects, structures and the players interaction with them? I put the vehicle classnames into the blacklist, but again it has no effect (On another note, i'm pretty new to the editor, and might have made a mistake with the classnames or something, especially because its RHS) I then tried restricting it through the military logistics module (Setting "Allow Armour" to "No", ect.) and that had no effect. I looked through the ALiVE wiki and other related modules, but couldn't really find much help on the issue. So if anyone could help me with this, I would appreciate it :D
  5. Westonsammy

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Anyone spot the crashed WW2 Fighter Plane in the trees in Screenshot 2? Its just to the left, stuck in the canopy :cool:
  6. I need to learn to stop wearing pants when I check this thread...
  7. The Jetfox community currently has a custom Zeus server up with TEI, with additional revive scripts. All you need to connect is TEI and of course CBA. Server IP:
  8. Westonsammy

    Magic rates in Steam Workshop?

    It is because his work has been featured by PCGamer, twice: http://www.pcgamer.com/hitman-comes-to-arma-3-in-the-form-of-user-made-missions/ http://www.pcgamer.com/arma-3-mod-invites-hitman-to-the-party/
  9. Westonsammy

    Arma 3 Roadmap for 2015. Likes & Dislikes.

    Were there any dislikes in the list? I couldn't find them xD
  10. Westonsammy

    What do you want to see in the expansion?

    Yea they have confirmed this many times in many different places, from the looks of things the expansion is going to be like Operation Arrowhead from ArmA 2, with new terrain, vehicles, weapons, factions, ect.
  11. Awesome map, but may want to get this moved to the mods/addons discussion section of the forums.
  12. Tactical Battlefield regularly run 40 player+ MP sessions, and I usually get 30+ FPS unless we are playing on a particularly laggy map (such as Zargabad) I can see major desync and framerate issues happening on some of those 90+ player mega-servers, but for your everyday MP it should be fine.
  13. Westonsammy

    Which faction do you prefer to play as

    Wow, you are the last person I would expect to like CSAT vanilla xD
  14. Westonsammy

    What do you want to see in the expansion?

    Never really found melee to be usefull in ArmA. Whenever i'm that close to an enemy (which rarely ever happens) I would much prefer to just unload into his face than pull out a knife or something and start dancing with him.
  15. Westonsammy

    how does arma 3 feel to you ? (as of update 1.36)

    No ArmA game has ever felt finished to me, and none ever will. There is always something else to be added, another bug to be fixed, improvements to be made. And that is a good thing, IMO.