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  1. Patchwork

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    I'm going to try my best to finish up the new radar today. I'll be passing that over to Kimi and he'll be looking on adding that ASAP. I'm trying my best not to have the radar backround drowning out the compass rose. Here's some of the progress so far, however it's still WIP so it still could (probably will) change.
  2. Patchwork

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    here is a mirror for those images http://imgur.com/a/h78Nz
  3. Patchwork

    Door opening and closing

    Yes, doors definitely need a rework, or at least better detection when you're looking at it. It's lovely when you're in a hallway and you end up opening the door behind you instead of the one in front of you that you're looking directly at.
  4. I'll possibly see about giving this a go. I rather like the idea of controlling the AI this way. I've never really been a fan of handling AI so hopefully this might be a much needed improvement for me.
  5. I was testing the update with a friend and I noticed that in the advanced flight model the gun has trouble slaving fast enough to adjust/correct for the oscillations in the pilots flight (e.g. micro adjustments to keep in a hover). This ended up throwing off the guns aim and the rounds ended up all over the place. We went ahead and swapped to the standard flight model and put it into an Auto hover and all aim problems disappeared. So because of that I'm fairly certain it is due to the gun not being able to keep up with the oscillations with its restricted slave speed. Thanks for the work you guys have been putting into the mod, and I'm enjoying the updates and progress within Arma 3.
  6. they have a triple monitor aspect ratio, but it does not count bezel correction. If i could just find a way too set a custom aspect ratio manually I think the problem should be fine ---------- Post added at 10:28 ---------- Previous post was at 10:06 ---------- I found a fix, but am not 100% sure how to replicate it a second time, so I will just tell what I did. what I did was change the the FOV around a bit; "fovtop=0.75 and fovleft=4". That didn't do anything when I started it up, but when I went into the video options and changed the aspect ratio to 5760x1080 then I changed it back to 5904x1080 and it seemed that it forced itself to recalculate the aspect ratio and set it back into custom aspect ratio mode. hope that can help with anyone else having that problem.
  7. I have been trying to setup eyefinity but the game is streched and really out of proportion. It recognizes my custom resolution (5904x1080) but it doesn't seem too find a matching aspect ratio on the center screen and looks like when you are watching a 4:3 movie and streching it across a 16:9 display. Here is a sample picture. I have tried messing with the FOV and got the retical to become a perfect circle but it had to smush the image to achieve that. Take note that this is on the center screen and not the side; which makes me believe it is not the fisheye effect. here is a sample image. I am just wondering the cause of this. I am thinking it has something to do with bezel correction but I am not sure since I changed the aspect ratio to 5760x1080 and it didn't fix anything. Let me know if you have any idea what is happening please.
  8. Patchwork

    Ejection not possible in helicopter(s)

    we'll. I tell people when I am training them to fly you have a good chance at surviving a crash landing through auto-rotation, but you have about a 30% chance of living if you bail out, and your crew will have a 0% chance of living, because at our normal altitudes your chute won't deploy and you will be a pancake, and your crew and passangers usually don't have a chute on them. You are better off relying on your Auto-Rotation skills when it comes to getting you and your friends back alive. I got tagged by an RPG in a multiplayer Wastland mission yesterday on the alpha but everyone survived because I trained hard on my auto-rotation skills. I recommend doing the same.
  9. I made a post explaining a bit about why people are getting blackscreen on launch. If you are running an application that attaches itself to the game, you will need to have it closed until you are on the main menu. This is strait from my post "The game is most likely blackscreen when a program is trying (and failing) to attach itself to the game at start up. Some example programs are Dxtory, Fraps, Trideff, ZoneAlarm, D3DOverrider". So if you have any programs that attach to the game in a similler manner as this, keep it closed until you are on the main menu
  10. Patchwork

    Helicopter physics impressions - simplified

    It is very simplified, but they did add some nice touches like lower torque influence with down collective. I also noticed the way the ka-60 movement felt a bit weird. Maybe because at a cruising speed it felt like a fixed-wing aircraft. I get a lot of lag on the H-9 airframe helos for some reason so I have been flying almost exclusively in the ka-60 and have found some of these weird things. It is nice though too get in a multiplier mission and not have to learn anything new. Like getting tagged by an RPG with the shooter screaming in global "I got you helo B****, your dead now!" and auto-rotate safely and rub it in there face when they don't get the kill. I say just enjoy your Arma 2 skills getting carried over and in the mean time get some practice in ToH before they add the new dynamics.
  11. Patchwork

    Heli controls with xbox 360 pad

    I don't think you would. The helo controls only take effect when in a Helo I am pretty sure, so you should be good. The fire button would be the only one I can think of that would carry over with infantry controls, but using shoulder buttons to fire instead of the triggers will give faster reaction time. You should use the triggers for things that are better with analogue like leaning left and right and pedal's left and right.
  12. Patchwork

    Heli controls with xbox 360 pad

    This works for me. Disable your controller under the "schemes" area, and activate your controller on the "Custom" area. Triggers bound as "pedals", right stick bound to "Thrust (analogue)", left stick bound to "Cyclic", bumpers (fire). Make sure thrust is "Analogue" when wanting to use joysticks for collective. fire button works fine on anything except triggers or sticks. thats how your controller should be bound.
  13. I am just wondering if BIS has any plans to keep working on this game or if they are just going to be focusing on there upcoming releases? There is still no crossfire support and a very limited amount of helicopters.
  14. *edit* fixed this almost instantly after I posted this, sorry for wasting your time, but I can atleast hopefully help anyone else with this problem, you need to adjust ATOC in the advanced video settings from the pause menu or main menu, setting mine to "disabled" fixed this for me, but you might need to set it to something else for yourself. I hope I will eventually help someone else with this problem so this post wasn't as much of an idiot move. I am getting this really weird bug that plants have bugged out to the point of game breaking. Picture says it all. I would say a texture bug but are those even qualified as textures? It is a realy problem since if anyone is prone they are covered by a wall of plants and I can't find them. anyway, I have 25GB mod compilation that I though was the problem, turned it off and it is still there. Turned off all my mods and it is still there. I deleted every PBO with the word "Plant" in them, then verified integrity of game cache in steam to get them back. Current mods are as follows and keep in mind that the textures are still bugged after disabling all of them -Arma 2 merged into Arma OA folder (no need to start in CO) -CBA;CBA_OA;CBA_A2 -Caa1 -Comp1 (compilation of 25gb worth of mods) -ACE;ACEX;ACEX_RU;ACEX_SM;ACEX_USNavy with peramiters as follows -mod=@CBA;@CBA_OA;@CBA_A2;@caa1;@Comp1;@ACE;@ACEX;@ACEX_RU;@ACEX_SM;@ACEX_USNavy Rig Specs CPU- i7-2600k 3.4ghz turbo (OC to 4.5ghz) GPU- Radeon HD 6990 (dual GPU card with crossfire enabled) Memory- 8GB XMS3 1333mhz 9-9-9-24 PSU- 1200Watt MoBo- 046MHW The mods have all worked flawlessly until today. I went back to vanilla game for a few seconds, reactivated the mods and had this. Went back to vanilla, reinstalled suspected PBO's, and I figure the only problem my rig could have is Crossfire incompatibility).
  15. Patchwork

    ACE TAB targeting help

    Okay, I will go ahead and do that.