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  1. I had a walrus set to dock, and it got stuck on a rock on the beach, after a few seconds of it being stuck there it just yanked it back into the carrier. Also there is a slight improvement between units not bashing into each other.
  2. i have 1.4 installed, walrus AI is improved, but sometimes done by cheating. if a walrus gets stuck it sometimes yanks it back on course. I think patch 1.3 was a good patch, I'm hoping that once 1.5 is taken out of beta stage they might have improved things.
  3. This implies that just because some new bugs have cropped up they don't intend to fix them and the game is now worthless. The game has always been promising, and they get closer to polishing it off with every update. But the latest patch is a beta, and should be treated as such until the next patch.
  4. wraith2021

    Update 360

    Yes you are entitled to a full refund, which is what you should do. Although they have abandoned the 360 (which in my opinion should have never been released on this platform, its the wrong demographic.), they have not abandoned the PC, which is to some degree a good sign that they care about the game. But you are right, they should have ironed out all the bugs before ever releasing it on a console. I have the PC version, but I am forced to boot into Windows on my iMac to play it. But this game was awaited with eagerness as I am a fan of the original game.
  5. wraith2021

    Update 360

    At what point did I mention I personally owned the 360 version? I am glad they are working on the PC updates, but that does not mean those with the 360 version should just go suck eggs. They do have rights.
  6. wraith2021

    Update 360

    Either way, now it has been confirmed that the 360 is not going to be fixed, anyone who has had a copy gathering dust on the shelf waiting for it to be fixed can take it back to the shop given the conformation that they are now not going to fix the game. All you have to say is that you were holding out for a promised patch which they have now confirmed is not going to happen, and that you have not played the game because it is unplayable in its current state and under trading stands I am within my rights to a full refund for a broken, unfinished product. Remember their is no time limit on this kind of thing due to a broken promise by the developers. If they try to pull the 30 day shit, tell them that does not apply to you selling an unfinished, unplayable product, and you will find yourself in a heap of shit if I take it to trading standards.
  7. wraith2021

    Update 360

    Just take the game back to where you bought it and demand a refund due to selling a broken, unfinished game. You are well within your rights. Here check this out: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/281679/buggy-game-purchasers-entitled-to-refund/#
  8. wraith2021

    Update 360

    I have not lost any money, and if you haven't noticed we are on patch 1.4. Which goes to show they are ironing out the bugs, as well as a welcome update to the game coming soon, I see that they are indeed focusing on the PC game.
  9. wraith2021

    Finalizing 1.04 patch?

    its great to hear that things are moving along. Once everything is polished and everything is working as it should, I would be willing to purchase another copy of the game, just to show support.
  10. Dunno what is happening, they have completely ditched the 360 updates by the sound of it. So they might be going full steam at sorting out the PC version. fingers crossed they don't ditch this as well.
  11. wraith2021

    Update 360

    What reasons are those? And does that mean you have abandoned the 360 version completely? Also does this mean you are focusing more on the PC version?
  12. Odd, I have not had this problem at all.
  13. wraith2021

    Box Art

    Infestation was amazing! They really captured the suspense and horror. It had me jumping in my seat. Barbarian was a good game, as was Blood Money. Here is the "Shadow Of The Beast" Box http://www.stanford.edu/group/htgg/cgi-bin/drupal/?q=image/view/415/_original (466 kB) and the T-shirt that came with it http://www.sci-fi-o-rama.com/wp-content/uploads/shadow_of_the_beast_tshirt.jpg (138 kB) Oh, and the music just to take you back http://youtu.be/0TKV_90aYgI
  14. wraith2021

    Box Art

    Yeah, I miss the days when computer games came in big-ass boxes with art that jumped out at you. That was the only way to make them stand out on the shelves. And getting memorabilia and extras were something common. I remember getting Shadow Of The Beast for the Amiga. It came in a massive box, the art blew me away, and I got a T-shirt in the box. Damn I miss the originality of packaging. Now, all we have a choice of are DVD cases with no extras.
  15. wraith2021

    Box Art

    Yeah, you got a bland nondescript box, but at least you got the game.