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  1. Sakai

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    http://pastebin.com/Jde6F6KW Here you go.
  2. Sakai

    Gac jsdf

    I hope this gets updated! Looking forward to play more with this!
  3. Sakai

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    Weirdly enough everything else work now. Transport works all fine and other essentials but no tasks nor enemies spawning. Untouched, vanilla mission.
  4. I know I've been away for long time and such but if theres anything I can help let me know! in 2015 I should have more free time as I'm going to go back to college studying Game Design beside working full time with only one day off... Hit me up anytime if you need help and such! my skills are rusty but I could help beta test and perhaps do small retextures ^^; especially if you need camouflages I will hit you up with links!
  5. Sakai

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    Tried it myself, took out the headless client and doesn't work either.
  6. Don't give up on it R0adki11! Keep it alive. It has tons of potential.
  7. Good work. More CDF to kill for South Zagorians :3
  8. 1983 - Africa. A self declared independent country, formerly colony of British Empire is now under the control of white colonial government, cutting all ties with United Kingdom. Republic of Ziwasogo, supported by Italy is now under the flames of civil war between the Ziwasogo government and guerrillas who want to form a socialist and biracial government. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mod is a unofficial mod for Ziwasogo which the mod is set on North Ziwasogo where the conflict begins. Currently mod does not have much to offer but has base soldier set up. Screenshot: Everything in here is WIP. Everything can change. As everyone knows me I love FN FAL's therefor FN FAL stays! :P THIS mod is fictional but set on Rhodesian Bush War, this ZBW mod is set in Armaverse in year 1983.
  9. Sakai

    Ziwasogo Bush War

    Just a small update. Im currently unable to work & mod due extreme pain in my back therefor once I get my health issues sorted I will be back to modding! :)
  10. Looking forward to play around with it in future :D I love bullpup weapons, especially AUG
  11. Sakai

    Ziwasogo Bush War

    First priority is the Armed Forces of Ziwasogo, later on the guerrillas. AFZ is pretty much connection of western with eastern meanwhile guerrillas are full on russian/chinese. Thank you! its the US Vietnam camouflage. I forgot to add, I used your ported FN FAL, will add credits soon :)
  12. Amazing work Slattsy! Congratulations on your release!
  13. Its rather a good question for me... When A3 was beta it all kept crashing when working on it so I gave up, but I will see. I havent done a lot of texture work so it would probably wouldnt be popular with my rusty & shitty texture work xd
  14. Splendid work indeed so far, nice work on the AUG's. The snow camo looks just... Flipin' amazing!
  15. Keep up the fantastic work R0adki! Really love it
  16. damn amazing slatts! looking promising.
  17. Good work on the British one! Looking good!
  18. I was thinking of "Red Urban" colors like the MW2/3? Russian soldiers had :D
  19. Now that you are adding russians, why not do CDF as well? ((Well that would of require topic change)) I have a certain idea for colors if you want I can send you it done on PM :)
  20. Good luck with that Slatts, good to know some people still work on ArmA 2
  21. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I havent visited the forums for long long time and I see a lot of arguments going on in this topic but I want to know one thing, after looking in the older pages I've seen that vilas deleted public mlods either for ArmA 3 or ArmA 2? If its ArmA 2 ones, that means vilas are we not allowed to use the mlods anymore?
  22. Hi guys, im trying to get a weapon working in arma 3 but something is going wrong with config.cpp and I get this error: Here is my config.cpp Model config is all good no problem with it. Could someone help me out?
  23. True True but Operation Frenchpoint has :P
  24. Why not something French? or British? :3
  25. Sakai

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    Finally something worth playing with :3