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  1. Long winded title but basically as above, if a server does not force a certain version/versions of a beta patch and instead leaves this completely wide open. Would 70 players all with different beta patches have an effect on a server?
  2. Forgot to mention, both DP and AA rounds move at same speeds etc. So there should be no difference.
  3. Ok really strange problem. Noticed this about a week ago and it is affecting a whole bunch of us who play Arma 2. In the past I could fire a SMAW at over 1k range and still hit. Also the rocket would move very fast towards the target. In fact hitting a target at 600m it would be an almost instant hit. The problem now is the rocket speed has changed, it moves very slow compared to the past and it also detonates at about 650m Max range. I have removed all addons and updated to the latest beta patch (ARMA2_OA_Build_103718) My friend has the same beta patch. My friend follows this aiming guide:SMAW Aiming guide For me to hit a target at 600m, I need to move down to the 3rd line! What the hell is going on here? Any idea why it is completely different for the both of us? Thanks for any feedback.
  4. Seriously, throwing me the COD and Battlefield insult is really poor. The reason I suggest numbers is because they are a single key press. Think about it for a second, if in real life I want to change from Rifle to Pistol, this decision is made almost instantly. The only delay should be a short time for the animation to complete. I have hundreds of hours of Arma 2 play under my belt, so I know how to use the scroll wheel. That doesn't remove the fact it's clunky, cumbersome and much more open to user error than pressing a single key.
  5. I honestly cannot believe that Primary, Secondary, Launcher and Satchel/Mine do not have number keys set for them. 1 = Rifle 2 = Pistol 3 = Launcher 4 = Satchel/IED 5 = Mine Why the hell do we need to scroll wheel and select, it's so bloody clunky. Also 100% agree on a shortcut key for opening doors or climbing ladders! You should be able to press a single key and when your player is close enough he will move into the animation.
  6. CAI

    InstaGoat's AI Test Range

    Great work, I hope you manage to get some videos up :) Doesn't surprise me about the MX rifle, I made my opinion on the recoil thread.
  7. CAI

    Bi-pod and grazing fire

    I made the same thread yesterday. up vote this post: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=432 get everyone you know to do the same.
  8. CAI

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    Between 150-300m there is a massive punch to the bluefor weapons compared to opfor. It honestly feels night and day the difference between the two sides.
  9. With the new stance system I thought it would be possible to rest your weapon on window frames etc, to improve stability and provide better accuracy while firing. Especially LMGs, they should be able to be rested so that they can be deployed in more diverse situations.
  10. CAI

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    I am having a hard time with the recoil, especially as blueforces. The kick is huge! I try staying crouched, control breathing etc but trying to tap shots is very difficult. Has anyone noticed Opforces the recoil is much less of a problem. I feel much more in control using opfor weapons and it feels more similar to Arma 2.
  11. Hi guys, running HD 7850 I5 3570k @ stock. Yesterday with everything on High, post processing disabled, AAx2 and vsync disabled, about 40-60fps in single player. Checking my GPU it was running at 99%. Today I am getting 20fps with my GPU usage sitting between 30%-60% Has there been any updates?
  12. CAI

    Take Downs.

    Yes there should be Melee combat. I am not sure why this isn't included. I always felt it was badly missing from Arma 2 :) also with the addition of more CQC, it would be welcomed.
  13. At the moment there is no way yo judge correct path of the grenade or the strength in the throw. It's simply one animation that happens instantly as soon as you press the button. They need to put more work into grenades and giving us control and a way of throwing them in the rough area we want them to.
  14. No problem mate, I wasn't moaning :) Take it everyone has noticed throwing more than 1 smoke grenade kills the server? Even on our dedicated if 3+ smokes are thrown the fps tumbles to single figures. I love your game mode, I find it way more interesting than Blitzkrieg. Was hilarious having the civvies because they actually looked to be enjoying the beach while we tore the town up!
  15. CAI

    Arma 3 Dedicated server

    Anyway to change the timeout before the mission force starts? At the moment the default is set for like 8000 Seconds.