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  1. @Farquharson Yeah functionality-wise it's the same, however it controls differently. The camera feels different to move, it rolls with the aircraft, and the terrain locking is so and so. It would be better (IMHO) to use the vanilla system instead, keep it consistent. Also to the guys not being able to lase. Make sure you mount a TGP in the service menu, won't work otherwise. Even if there is a pod you can use, unless you mount it in the service menu it won't have a laser designator.
  2. Really enjoying this mod in co-op missions. Flying pilot+wso makes for some lovely Top Gun references ^^ However I noticed that on the two seater the pilot has access to the vanilla TGP system. The WSO does not, he gets another variant that frankly isn't particularly intuitive to use. I checked the changelog: "2017-05-26 config - use TGP for F/A-18F gunner" And I am running the latest version. Great mod guys, cheers!
  3. littleturn

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    So if I'm using this client-side only I only get the HUD updates. But if the server also runs it, littlebirds get flares?
  4. littleturn

    Arma 3 Helicopters DLC Discussion (dev branch)

    They do have an armed version of the Wildcat. It's the same as the Pawnee but at least the co-pilot has the optics in the nose. Still, it is kind of lacking. I do hope they add a similar DLC for fixed-wing aircraft as well. If they want to they could even do one for cars (opening doors, attaching cargo etc.) But I digress...
  5. littleturn

    Weapon tests

    Not quite. If I'm not mistaken, the AT launcher would not detect if the tank moved behind the smoke, it would fire at the last known position. Same with ATGMs fired from aircraft, a similar effect can be achieved if you loose line of sight to the target, that's basically what the smoke does.
  6. littleturn

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Fantastic work! As someone who isn't overly familiar with military HUDs, at least not foreign ones (some aren't at all), is there a possibility to add a manual or just point out what some indicators mean. Some are self-explanatory like speed or altitude but some aren't, the box on the Comanche that seems to follow the turret but goes the opposite direction for example.