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  1. I have had issues like this while setting up Exile servers. One thing that might fix it is by disabling strict mode on your SQL server. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40881773/how-to-turn-on-off-mysql-strict-mode-in-localhost-xampp
  2. Any plans for a pilot to be able to fly the tanks?
  3. kryklin

    CLR keys script

  4. kryklin

    DayZ but not DayZ (Mod WIP)

    http://www.404games.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/1055-404games-wasteland-mod-downloader/ Wasteland mod. Fully persistent world. Saves car locations, players guns, player locations, money, and even health. As i already stated before. This has already been done.
  5. kryklin

    DayZ but not DayZ (Mod WIP)

    This gamemode has kinda already been done. Wastelands...
  6. As a server admin at 404games i can tell you that we never did steal any code or any projects from Sa-Matra. This is not also a "desperate attempt to be creative" this is a project 404games has been working on for over 2 months. Also "what do you think about 404 actually making stuff of their own?" We have been doing that from the start. Please keep the hatred to yourself. I am getting quite sick of people calling 404games thief's. Try seeing both sides of the story before you make assumptions. - Kryklin (404games IG Admin)
  7. Ok thanks. Have a good Christmas.
  8. Ah. I have been playing on 404games wastelands and it looks like there version has a lot of cool stuff in it. Some of them you have mentioned. Some of them you haven't. I genuinely believe that adding static helicopters that are fully fueled and repaired is not as a bad of an idea as you make it out to be but i see your point. I believe that adding helicopters makes a very competitive game to start with as many of the players wish to rush there way to the helicopters in an attempt to grab a few. This can make some pretty awesome firefirghts and battles. Even if the team does succeed in capturing the helicopters they are only heuys and therefore easily shot down with a couple of bullets of a m2 mounted machine gun or armored SUV. Its great fun at the start of the game! Anyways some of the other features they added such as health monitors and balancing gun crates, also removing alot of TWS weapons making them a rare occurrence. I had no idea that you were the one that made radars and Tonic make spawn beacons. Nice work. Anyways last question do you consider the whole of the 404games community to be a bunch of liers trolls and genuine A**holes or just the guys that make there version of the game at 404?
  9. Yeah i saw the update thanks. Just a few more questions. Have you ever considered working with 404games and Tonic to create the most ultimate version of Wastelands. Or do you think going your separate ways would be a better idea.
  10. Ok. I thought the original work was done by TAW Tonic. Haven't you considered that they took TAW Tonics version and not yours.
  11. Hi SaMatra i was just wondering what are your views regarding the 404 community's development in the wastelands series on Arma 2?