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  1. lawlessbaron

    Life Server files

    Hi didn't know how to word it but are there any life server files available besides Altis life available?
  2. lawlessbaron

    FSFLauncher A3 Edition

    How can you unlock all the extra options?
  3. Ok sweet because i want one side to use it and another any others
  4. hey guys i am aware that there is a positioning system for ArmA 3 but i was curious is there one for ArmA 2 at the current time i have objects i need to move and the editor is not to scale once they have been placed
  5. So you could assign this for sides like independent?
  6. Hi I am wanting to run an Island Life Server as and i have one issue i am looking to where i can find the server files for the mod could anyone assist?
  7. lawlessbaron

    ArmA 3 XML custom scripts

    The XML is easy i just got the XML Editor working on my webserver
  8. lawlessbaron

    ArmA 3 XML custom scripts

    Sweet thanks bud
  9. lawlessbaron

    Warhammer 40,000 Arma 3 Conversion Mod

    Wow are you serious this should be sweet
  10. lawlessbaron

    [WIP] USAF Air Asset MOD

    Nice job man keep up the good work
  11. lawlessbaron

    ArmA 3 XML custom scripts

    Hey guys so i am looking for a custom script so i can host my own XML's and create them with a basic GUIi know of ArMaTeC's but i am looking to host my own and upload custom images if anyone could help out please
  12. Ill give this a go in a little while
  13. lawlessbaron

    Vietnam: The Experience

    Nice mod man keep it up can't wait till its on ArmA 3
  14. lawlessbaron

    [SP CAMP] Liberation of Chernarus

    Looks sweet can't wait to start playing