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    Ingame 9Liners & Notepad

    As J_ONeill stated, that is a rough outline of what I am working on in our unit. I am still trying to perfect it so it is real, useful, and streamlined. Here is the current version of it, but I intend on touching it up before I let my unit use it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwsUHnZyHAJWQWViSWVFUEUwVU0/view?usp=sharing Because of my perfectionist nature, is there anyway we could create our own? That way, I could edited it as often as I please? I would feel bad about continually bugging you with "better" versions. Alternatively, I could just make a publishable version for you if you feel that you want to keep this mod hermetic. PS: This CFF is more or less a condensed version of pg 14, 17, 18, 19. Tell me what you think.
  2. Dr3adn0ught35

    East Static Weapons Pack

    I am not sure whether you have talked with 'Coding' and look into making his mod (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27995) compatible with yours, but I think all of us Gunners would love to see something close to a real fire mission for the M252 and M119 (and all the RDS artillery). I hate the "point-an-click" artillery computer so much. I noticed someone asked Coding if he would include other guns, he responding with saying but RDS because, "RDS static weapons I will not support until they use a hud that displays shootingangles." If I am not too naive saying it shouldn't be too hard to make the adjustments to allow the two mods to work. It just sucks that Coding is restricted to vanilla artillery. The thought of having a 105mm raining steel onto a enemy with actual pinpoint accuracy makes me excited, and it bugs me that the only barrier to it is that one line from Coding.
  3. Dr3adn0ught35


    Coding, this is awesome. It honestly brings me one step back to my memories of Arma II ACE mortars (so fun). And MahUja said what I was going to. It would be great to include Polar plot calculation so that way the observer could talk the FDC onto target during adjust fire. For reference, I recommend this page as a starting source if you need one, http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/6-30/f630_5.htm. Also, I thought RDS did include the elevation, so wouldn't it work?
  4. Dr3adn0ught35

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Is it possible to change the maximum range of the radios in the parameters or through scripting? I want to at least be able to change the ranges for my group's server. For example I would change the ranges to: PRC 343 - 150m AN/PRC 152 - 500m AN/PRC 119 - 5km On-board radio - 20km.
  5. I stand corrected for the rateofleak I think 0.00027778 would suffice for 45 minutes with the engine at idle and the increase rate would be 1.25 for now
  6. Perfect! It works like a charm. thank you blake and twirly for helping sort this out now all I have to do is put this in my next mission // nul=[nameofvehicle,rateofleak] execvm "Fuel_Consumption.sqf"; (I recommend 0.00025 for fateofleak for roughly 40 minutes of fuel) _unit = _this select 0; _old = 0; while {(alive _unit) and (fuel _unit > 0)} do { _rate = _this select 1; _pos = (getposASL _unit) select 2; if (isengineon _unit) then { if (_pos > _old) then { _rate = _rate * 15; _unit setFuel ( Fuel _unit -_rate); } else { _unit setFuel ( Fuel _unit -_rate);}; }; _old = _pos; sleep 1; };
  7. Presently I do have my game setup with -showscripterrors and I have also tried hint, but the script runs with no errors, it just considers the if statement to be false and moves on. as for the hint it doesn't do anything either
  8. I have inserted the code into the script and tinkered with it a bit, however it still isn't working. I have narrowed it down to the problem lying in... if (_zcoord > _old) then I am sure it has to do with the if statement since I have never been able to see a example of a IF statement with the condition comparing one array to another. this is what I got (modified from the version I found on BI). The values are high so that I can test the script within a few seconds of starting the game. init: nul=[victor,0.5] execvm "Fuel_Consumption.sqf"; // victor being the name of the vehicle and 0.5 is the new rate of fuel used _unit = _this select 0; _rate = _this select 1; _old = 0; while {(alive _unit) and (fuel _unit > 0)} do { _pos = getposATL _unit; //returns a coordinate array [x,y,z]; _xcoord = _pos select 0; //x coordinate _ycoord = _pos select 1; //y coordinate _zcoord = _pos select 2; //z coordinate ATL or height ATL if (isengineon _unit) then { if (_zcoord > _old) then { _rate = _rate * 2.25; _unit setFuel ( Fuel _unit -_rate); } else { _unit setFuel ( Fuel _unit -_rate); }; }; _old = _zcoord; sleep 1; };
  9. I have recently just started to dive deeper into scripting and I wanted to start small. As of now I am working on script to increase a vehicle's fuel consumption. I wanted to add in the script where if the vehicle went up a hill, It will use more fuel. to do this I am using a nested If statement to check if the vehicle's height increases over the span of a second. My problem is, I do not know how to Obtain the vehicle's height. I have been digging into arma's files to try and find out how aircraft's HUD calculate its own height. Yet I cannot find arma 2's core class files (.cfg, Default, etc) If anyone can provide the command to find a vehicle's present height, or the location of arma 2's core class files, It would be much appreciated