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  1. Great job mate, very impressive work! I was wondering where you got your base CADPAT material for your textures...
  2. Hi John and Saul, I wonder if you would be interested by these skins I made for your wonderful mod... Regards, Nixon
  3. -TG-Irr-Nixon

    RKSL 3 - A new start... Discussion

    Looking forward to this welcome back :)
  4. -TG-Irr-Nixon

    L85A2 Release

    I pretty sure that you know this Kiory, but if you move the scope model forward or backwards from the centre axis it will change it's position on the rail. However, this will change from gun to gun since the optics proxy can be in different places. IMO, keep it like that since it looks at the right place on the L85A2. Cheers, Nixon
  5. Run the mod with AiA, noting else, and it will work. You may have some errors, but will work for the most part.
  6. It is not a bug, the commander optics faces forward only in real life. Can you take a screenshot to illustrate what you mean... Cheers, Nixon
  7. -TG-Irr-Nixon

    German Armed Forces Mod

    Hi GalComT, I am very interested in your application of the PhysX engine on your Leopard 1A4 (I saw it on your YouTube channel). I am currently working on a Leopard 2A6 and would like to implement similar physics to are tank. Could you PM me to talk about how you tweaked your PhysX configs? Cheers, Nixon
  8. -TG-Irr-Nixon

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Great job Peral, looking forward on working on v1.1! Thx to you and Franze for your implication... really shows that cooperation in this community can lead to great things!
  9. -TG-Irr-Nixon

    LODs in A3

    I was wondering what is good practice for LODs in A3. How many should we have, what intervals (0,5,10,20) and how many faces/points each intervals should have to run smoothly on an average PC (for A3).
  10. -TG-Irr-Nixon

    Illuminated Reticle Query

    Are you looking for this look?
  11. My latest project :) http://imageshack.com/a/img163/6238/lfki.jpg (1238 kB) Leopard2A6 in the works Leopard2A4MC Cheers, Nixon
  12. -TG-Irr-Nixon

    ASM - Arma Samples Mod

    Did you manage to make this only when the sight is in zoomed mode? I.E. the iron sights are still visible when in 1st person or 3rd person. If so, please PM me with the info. Nixon
  13. -TG-Irr-Nixon

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Cudos very nice mate, looking forward to this!
  14. -TG-Irr-Nixon

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Quick render of the Hog and Shark nose art for Peral's A-10C http://imageshack.com/a/img577/1295/9apv.png (373 kB) http://imageshack.com/a/img23/6521/ncds.png (372 kB) Cheers, Nixon
  15. -TG-Irr-Nixon

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Already in the works :) Also, desert, woodland and arctic camos!