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    Disable the Multiplayer score HUD

    That's perfect. Thanks
  2. superxpdude

    End Game MP Mode - Feedback

    Would it be possible to change the groupID of a group once it's renamed in the group manager? Helps for identification in side chat. (Right now even if you rename the group, your group will appear as Alpha 4-3 or something similar in sidechat)
  3. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to disable the multiplayer score HUD element that appears above the sector status and such. See Image. I haven't been able to figure out how to do it, or if it's even possible.
  4. superxpdude

    End Game MP Mode - Feedback

    Add the following to your description.ext file. Not sure if it's the correct way of doing things, but it seems to work. respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive"}
  5. superxpdude

    End Game MP Mode - Feedback

    Thanks a bunch, it works perfectly.
  6. superxpdude

    End Game MP Mode - Feedback

    I've been trying to work on a mission using the dynamic groups and revive systems, however I've run into a couple issues which End Game doesn't seem to have; thus I was wondering if someone could help clear these up. 1. I haven't managed to get the revive system to work correctly with respawnOnStart = 1. Players who join are immediately put into an incapacitated state in the middle of the ocean, and I was wondering if there's a way around this. I've set both MenuPosition and Revive as the respawn templates if that changes anything. 2. I've been trying to set up an arsenal gear saving system, however I haven't managed to figure out a way to determine once arsenal closes. Unfortunately using allDisplays to try and figure out a display to watch for didn't work, as the only new display once arsenal was opened was display #-1. I have a gear saving and restoring system working using BIS_fnc_saveInventory and BIS_fnc_loadInventory, but I haven't been able to figure out how End Game saves it automatically. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I thought since End Game uses those features I might be able to get some help here.
  7. superxpdude

    End Game MP Mode - Feedback

    One thing I think might help the ending stage of the mission is to have it so that it takes time for someone to upload the schematics. As it stands right now, you can rush in with a vehicle, hop out, and upload the intel in less than 5 seconds. This way it gives the enemy team a chance to disrupt the upload and secure the schematics for themselves. Other than that it's a fantastic gamemode. Really fun to play once you can get some people online.
  8. superxpdude

    Campaign force viewer

    Some more info related to the post above, with a few details that I've figured out. Commander: The name of who you want the commander of the group listed as. id: The order in which this squad will be placed when listed as a subordinate squad (More on this farther down) commanderRank: The rank of the commanding unit, plain text with the same ranks as used for in-game units. (List below) Description: The text that you would like to have shown when a player hovers over your group on the map, shown below the commander's name and above the insignia. Insignia: The image shown below the group info when you hover your mouse over the group icon on the map, not sure about required image size yet. side: The side of the group, used to determine the appropriate icon colour and shape for the group. size: The size of the group, used to determine how large the icon is on the map, and the appropriate group size icon to be placed above the group. (List Below) type: Determines the type of the group and the corresponding icon type to use. (List below) Text: The title text displayed when a player hovers their mouse over the group on the map, displayed above the commander's name. Special variables can be used (List below) textShort: The text used to represent the group when using the ORBAT group viewer (which can be accessed by clicking on any ORBAT group, it shows the subordinates of each group) texture: Replaces the preset icon defined by the type, side and size of the group. subordinates: A list of groups that are under the control of this group, these will be shown in the ORBAT group viewer. assets: A list of equipment operated by the group, objects can be listed on their own or in an array with the corresponding number of units. They will be displayed below the description but above the insignia. (Examples below) Allowed List of Commander Ranks: Private Corporal Sergeant Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel Allowed List of group types: Infantry MotorizedInfantry MechanizedInfantry Armored Recon Helicopter Fighter HQ Maintenance Maritime UAV Artillery Mortar Medical Service Support Allowed list of group sizes: FireTeam Squad Section Platoon Company Battalion Regiment Brigade Division Corps Army ArmyGroup Special variables in the text block: So far here's what I've figured out (from looking at the default cfgORBAT. %1 will be replaced with the [b]ID[/b] of the group. %2 will be replaced with the [b]type[/b] of the group %3 will be replaced with the [b]size[/b] of the group. (Although the Section size seems to incorrectly be replaced with FireTeam). Examples of group assets: Unfortunately the assets list doesn't seem to properly accept arrays (although the game's config files does). So for now you have to list each unit individually. You can list the units as such: assets[] = {"I_Plane_Fighter_03_CAS_F","I_Plane_Fighter_03_CAS_F"};