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  1. Hello, I am glad someone making these modes and sharing them with other players. I definitely try it by myself :) Keep it up :)
  2. Nifty

    1.07 beta

    Hello, this may happen, when enemy try to attack your island, but immediately find out the island is stronger than he thought - so he leave it.
  3. Nifty

    1.07 beta

    Hello, i belive it is not that simple. Can you specify on which island you were ?
  4. Hello, prepare for the battle if you know he is coming. Place your plasma canon straight to him and start fire when you barely see him. When his health goes belong 70% he escape. Or if you really dont want fight with him, just produce new items from Fulcrum island and run away before he arrived. Tell me how it went :)
  5. Hello, thanks for reporting this. Should be fixed in the next patch.
  6. Hi, unfortunately we dont support joysticks. Only controllers Xbox compatible.
  7. This will never happen again. Fixed in the next patch.
  8. No, you dont have to find all 9, but you need luck if you visit just one f.e. Temperate island. You have 3 Temperate islands (Evergreen, Beacon and Bacchus) that means the temperate piece of green laser is on just one of them. Same with Mountain and Arctic. Only Nemesis is out of the party because its Wasteland type. That bleep sound is on every island the same. I can image now how this can someone confuse. This thing with the sound we try change somehow. Thanks for thoughts.
  9. I believe those walruses has a Howitzer gun. You can check it when you equip Scanner on one of your unit and then hover over walrus in the map.
  10. It may not be on those islands. Keep looking, it can be on every island in Chapter II (Evergreen, Beacon, Bacchus, Endymion, Taksaven, Granite, Vattlant, Isolus and Lingard).
  11. Just make an issue report to http://www.carriercommand.com/feedback and upload the save there. Thanks
  12. Hi, thanks for your thoughts. Its definitely not like we dont care about the game anymore. We are really glad that some of you have the faith for the game and post their thoughts. We read everything and discuss about most of these things. And patches will be still coming out.
  13. Hi, we are aware about this annoying torpedo exploding issue. Will be fixed in the next patch. Thanks.
  14. Hi, did you visited that rusty compound on every island in Chapter II ? Those parts of the Laser MKII is randomly hidden on some three islands.
  15. Hi, since this is totally random, there is few things that can help. 1. Everytime when crash happend, it create special .mdmp file in CC documents. You can upload that file to http://www.carriercommand.com/feedback with some description. 2. Best way how to find reason of some crash is easily reproduce that. And that can be done when you upload some sort of save file before the crash happend. Thanks.