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  1. Silv3rback

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I was wondering if you guys were planning on adding the new us army plate carrier? The SPCS?
  2. Can someone give a tutorial on how to put BI's voice samples for getting shot, in game?
  3. Silv3rback

    MK18 Mod 1

    Ya same here, i cant put any optics or attachments on except for muzzles
  4. Silv3rback

    JSRS: DragonFyre -- WIP Thread

    Very nice sounds! Can't wait for release! I have an idea that could maybe spice up firefights a little bit... Have you ever considered adding ambient sounds for soldier yelling and giving out commands during firefights? I think that would be make the game a lot more immersive because the AI seems so robotic and emotionless. Just something I was thinking about.
  5. Silv3rback

    2017 - Official Announcement!

    Will we be able to create our own missions in the editor using props and units from the mod?
  6. Silv3rback

    WW AICover

    with the latest update, i put one NATO squad and CSAT squad on the map with seek and destroy waypoints towards eachother, and the squad leaders are telling everyone to hold fire. so its been a huge staring contest so far :(
  7. Silv3rback

    2017 - Official Announcement!

    I think it would be cool to see different variants of infected soldiers. For example, infected riflemen, autoriflemen, medics, "light" soldiers (with no combat gear on, just regular uniform). And some of these units with shredded clothing in the spot of their former bite wound. These are some ideas that really struck me in past zombie mods ive played and i think it would add more atmosphere to the game showing the struggle and fight for survival. The mod is looking fantastic by the way, you are doing an outstanding job.
  8. Silv3rback

    astast WIP mods

    This sounds great!!
  9. Silv3rback

    RH wip thread

    I made an addon request for some sopmod block II/ RIS II!!! This is some super great news to me! http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=19592
  10. Silv3rback

    OA Army Texture Project

    jf you end up modding the entire units my ideas are: 1. Camelbak or stuff on the backs of regular rifleman units 2. Maybe IR distress beacons on the helmets of teamleaders/squadleaders 3. eye pro for most, if not all units 4. i dont know if its possible but when AT soldiers carry rocket launchers, they look straight up and down on their backs. my idea is to have them kind of at a slant to make it look like they are slung over the soldier's shoulder instead of surgically attached. 5. pants that are more baggy looking 6. vests to look a tiny bit more bulkier 7. more pouches. For example, look at some of these guys. http://www.militarynewsnetwork.com/militarynews/june1810a.jpg (1083 kB) I am really excited to see how these units turn out! keep up the good work!
  11. Silv3rback

    OA Army Texture Project

    Ya definately more pouches on units, especially rifleman units because they seem to be pretty bare. another idea is to put rhino nvg arms on some units' helmets, aswell as counter-weight or IR distress marker strobe and surefire helmet lights, also to change backpack colors to match the uniform (ACU/UCP or multicam) Rhino Arm on his helmet
  12. Silv3rback

    OA Army Texture Project

    Another idea.. That would be pretty cool to see some units with the KDH tac-1 vest. A lot of US Army combat personel already are using this plate carrier in afghanistan. either way, if you decide to try and model this or not im happy and satisfied with the units you are making already. im kinda getting bored of the standard vanilla us army units..good luck with your project!
  13. I found a bug i think with the interior lights...from a distance you can see three red balls of light shine outside the chopper. Also, is there a way to turn only interior lights and keep outside ones off?
  14. Silv3rback

    Boeing/SOAR MH-47E

    This thing is awesome! Good work!