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  1. ryanbeckey0

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Isla Duala for A3

    cant wait for the release tonight, looking forward to seeing the molation/afrene armies in their fancy new uniforms and updated guns
  2. ryanbeckey0

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    the videos are from the Iraq war mod
  3. ryanbeckey0

    The Iraqi Warfare Mod [Alpha]

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2937641/ISIS-fighters-distributing-video-game-allows-players-play-role-Islamist-kill-Westerners.html http://www.vocativ.com/world/isis-2/isis-video-games/ with the whole " im traveling millions of KMs from my home " and now this article, your definitely raising a few questions about this mod... on the other hand you can probably sue them for defamation :)
  4. ryanbeckey0

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    the media has gone crazy... also looks like screenshots and video from the Iraq war mod and IS mod
  5. ryanbeckey0

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    thanks for this great pack leight, we use it for all of our missions and never gets old :)
  6. ryanbeckey0

    High Command Extensions

    :( maybe theres still hope it will be released..
  7. yeah I kno :(, was hoping the vanilla functionality would still be present like the other ACE medics, so you can play SP, but no worries, ill just setup first aid tents at checkpoints :)
  8. ah it didn't fix it, the AI is still unable to heal other soldiers :(
  9. awesome thank you, I never knew that trick :)
  10. also the british SAS medic cannot heal soldiers
  11. ok that explains it thanks :), is there anything else that is not included in public version but still listed in the editor ? @English translation, that's perfect, I can use this to cross reference, I will learn the Cyrillic words soon enough :) @tornado, sorry its not the tornado but its the GR3 that crashes
  12. it crashes whenever I try to use the british chieftain or the tornado I have all the requirements, is there anything I could of missed? congrats on release btw :) any chance we could get a English translation? I would like to use the Russian troops but I cant read russian Cyrillic :(
  13. ryanbeckey0

    High Command Extensions

    great news :) looking forward to the new artillery system, HC transport will be perfect for altis
  14. ryanbeckey0

    High Command Extensions

    does the new patch fix the problem with teamswitching, for ex. sometimes when you teamswitch to a unit then switch back to the high commander, the high commander cant see HC units on the map anymore? don't wanna seem like a pest, im just the messenger for about 5 other people who don't have accounts on here :)
  15. ryanbeckey0

    High Command Extensions

    oh ok im sorry, its just with the months with no updates the mind starts to wonder what happened, maybe we could get the version without the instructions and then release the instructions at a later date when your ready, the rest of us can just play around with it and learn it by trial and error?