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    ArmA on Linux

    Comrade, i use search function. You give me link about run ArmA 2/CO on Linux with Wine. It's not about i say. Many people wanna run ArmA 1/2/3 on Linux without fucking Wine, play without lags/bugs, run ArmA easy on Linux, need porting and on Linux, not run with emulator DirectX [Wine] My thread about this. Many people will be interesting, how much need money for porting ArmA on Linux. For this project people create Kickstarter, Community can move this idea off the ground. Need a comment from Developers, not people who do not care.
  2. Hello Comrades, Hello BiS. Many time i think how all Linux user, can easy play on all ArmA sequel on Linux. First what need it's very strong and supportive community | there is Then need ask BiS team, how much money need for port all ArmA sequel on Linux. Then BiS can create project on Kickstarter, and assign the required amount to perform. I think many people wanna play on Linux, many people hate Windows. But he's love ArmA and they must sit on Windows. For Linux BiS can create something like Desura or Steam, but for Linux, where people can buy and run all ArmA series easy. Do not judge strictly, I wrote all this from the heart P.S. Yeah, i know, my English so bad
  3. lol, i hate cheaters :D Well, i rly don't know, who need this Trading Cards, for what ? P.S. If you need playing cards, go to the shop and buy a real card, then you can play real solitaire with your comrades :)
  4. Hello comrades! I would like to say so: Today they asked to trading cards, Tomorrow be asked for experience, levels and magic.