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  1. Some awesome stuff in this update - loving the quality of the CDF units. Only thing I've really noticed so far is that the M16A2 sights seem to be slightly misaligned, but that's about it.
  2. isemii

    Airborne Instant Action

    Thanks for the suggestions L.K.! I'll look at implementing some of them when I've gotten my laptop fan fixed :] Support was something I was considering but I wasn't sure what to use or how to do it, as was random/dynamic weather. The random enemy side sounds pretty interesting too.
  3. isemii

    Airborne Instant Action

    It's intended to be pretty short, but I guess it is quite easy. I'm considering adding an additional enemy group and possibly more armour, and I'd like to add a counter attack of sorts when I've figured out a decent way. Thanks for the feedback! :] EDIT: Updated it a little to a v1.1 of sorts, it *should* be a little more difficult now. Changes are: -Changed probability for BMP-1 and T55 to 80% and 50% respectively -Removed an RPG grenadier from the player's squad -Added a third enemy infantry squad @ 100% probability with random number of members and a T72 @ 40% probability -Miscellaneous pre-mission gear changes -Made the triggers for the eject sequence slightly bigger to stop the player landing right in the centre of town Download via Dropbox Feedback is welcome, as always :]
  4. isemii

    Airborne Instant Action

    Strange, it works fine for me. Are you running CWA 1.99? Any mods? I'm not sure what could be causing this. EDIT: I think I know what's causing it, actually. It's the (1) in the file name caused by me reuploading the file to add something; removed it and it should work now. Sorry ^^
  5. isemii

    Airborne Instant Action

    Hey guys :] This mission is intended to be a bit of a time killer; a short, sharp firefight with no required addons and an element of randomness. Your squad is dropped near one of six randomly selected towns filled with rebel infantry and possibly armour at a random time of day with the goal of simply clearing the town. Expect the average run through to last five minutes at most, as long as you don't land in the middle of an enemy squad or end up going on a wild last-loon hunt. Tested with ECP and SLX, no obvious issues found. Took me about a night to finish after sitting in my missions folder for a few months; it's nothing amazing compared to most of the missions out there, but it's the first mission I've finished after two years of feeling around in the editor (yep, I'm pretty new to ArmA in general) and feel is actually releasable. I recommend playing with mods such as ECP, SLX etc. for the extra atmosphere they bring to an otherwise pretty unremarkable mission. Constructive criticism, suggestions and questions are welcomed and encouraged :] No required addons Download via Dropbox Thanks to: -Chris Henderson for his ArmA Edit tool -Everyone who has contributed to the invaluable resource that is the Community Wiki -Everyone on OFPEC and the BI forums who has answered someone with the same question as me at some time in the past, if that makes sense ^^
  6. isemii

    Mission requests and ideas

    Many thanks.
  7. isemii

    Mission requests and ideas

    Anyone got a download for any of the Nogova Virus missions and any required addons? Cheers.
  8. Hm, that's a bummer. I'll have a look for a dispersion script and see if that helps. Thanks!
  9. Hello! I'm currently working on an armoured mission with the WGL mod and I've noticed that the initial engagement is over in about thirty seconds as the rest of my tank troop knocks out each of the enemy vehicles with a single shot before I've even acquired a target. What I'm asking is if there is a script or init command that will reduce their pinpoint accuracy to something a bit less sniper-like. I found a few scripts by searching around but they were all for ARMA or ARMA 2, and the ones I tried didn't work, nor did the skill slider. Thanks!
  10. It's a nice idea, although little bit too futuristic for my tastes. I can definitely see the applications for such a system though, and I'm not saying it'll never be adopted, but I guess it all comes down to personal taste at the end of the day.
  11. I wouldn't mind, to be honest. If it took them until early next year to polish the game to the best state it could possibly be, that wouldn't bother me since I'd know that I'd be getting a fully-polished, smooth, playable experience right out of the box.
  12. Ah. Well that's a kick in the teeth. I guess there are no alternatives? Thanks for clearing things up, anyway.
  13. Hello. Today I decided to install Oxygen and, by extension, Buldozer/the Oxygen viewer. After a few installation niggles, I managed to get to the stage I'm at now- upon running Objektiv2Light, Oxygen itself loads fine, but Buldozer loads for about a second and then closes with the error message "Bad serial number given in setup". I only have the Steam digital download version of ARMA: CWA, and have tried every possible fix that I could find, both on these forums and abroad. Any help that can be given on the subject, if any, is greatly appreciated; thank you.
  14. isemii

    Recreating ArmA 2 Campaign Into OFP

    I was thinking about something like this the other day, a kind of backwards-port (if you can call recreating everything by hand a port) of A2 and A1 to OFP/ARMA CWA. It's a pipe dream, obviously, but dreamers can dream right? :)