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  1. Chas, learning to model takes weeks to get the basics and years to do at the level required here. Do not expect anyone to teach you anything, if you really want to learn it you will seek out tutorials, go and buy the required software and teach yourself. The unsung team are already using all of their free time to build the mod, the more you distract them with rants about rejected ideas, the longer it will take them to do their work. These guys have been modding Arma for 10 years now, they know exactly what they are doing and how to do it extremely well. They refused your suggestion, so your angry I get it... but flaming them here is most certainly going to reflect badly on you if you make any more suggestions in the future. Be smart, think ahead, be respectful.
  2. Check out the new Unsung website: http://armanam.eu
  3. karmaklave

    Mod Ideas Scratch Thread

    Carrier Command MP Fleet combat modification scratch *Mutiplayer LAN functionality to allow for 1 v 1 (More desired) carrier battles and island domination games. -Remove time acceleration (TimeWarp) function -10, 30 and 60 island modes *Expanded functionality to allow remote control of units direct from tactical overview. -Click to command for naval vessels (no direct control) -support vessels extend carrier telemetry allowing for extreme range flights -Fuel tank module for mantas to allow longer flight ranges *Dry-dock facilities allowing construction of naval vessels -Fuel tanker, Destroyer -Modular mesh designs with destructible sections -Various types of destroyer (Offensive, Defensive, Support) *Replace cargo barque with cargo barge. (with ability for other players to destroy or hijack it) -Cargo barge will carry more cargo, but will have limited speed -High speed airdrop facility with extreme weight limit -Weights need revised *Ballistic missile targeting and tracking system, visible on command overview. -Ballistic missile defensive systems (Ground and Naval based) -Smaller scale version for artillery based units Any other ideas?