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    Paradoxal and sometimes chaotic introvert. I try to first see the the best in people but the worst sticks the easiest in my memory. I guess you can describe me as liberally conservative :P. I have a older more harsh view of life than most, tunnelvision is just plain too boring and modern does not automatically mean better.

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  1. You misunderstand, the audio I can tweak just fine, it's the subtitles I have trouble with.
  2. OK so no one knows or is paying attention,,,, Next problem, I can edit everything except the "global" radio subtile files (the battle chatter basically)... because I can't find them. The audio is all wss in the dubbing pbo. Can anyone possibly point me in the right direction?
  3. rambo919

    ArmA Rearmed 2

    1) That rule works for a discussion thread, this is a info thread, 4 months is not old for a info thread... 12 is. 2) this is a mod thread, it only really dies when the mod dies. 3) ask daddy whether or not what you want to ask is important enough to ask? The circular logic of that makes no sense unless it's meant to silence questioning in the first place. 4) any previously unanswered question about the nature of a mod is automatically a "significant" question. I'm not being needlessly obstinate this is just.... obvious logic.
  4. rambo919

    ArmA Rearmed 2

    Uhm strange question maybe, the first game's campaign was really really annoying in general (half of it making no sense or being in badly designed or small maps).... was any tweaking done to make it function more fluidly like in Arma 2's campaign?
  5. rambo919

    Can't hear breathing

    Whether running or aiming and holding breath can't hear a thing. Also any voices not over the radio sometimes have very low volume. Turning EAX on or off has no effect. I vaguely remember this being a win7 bug I picked up years back on a different PC but can't remember whether I managed to fix it or not, also searching this forum and googling has been no help.
  6. Managed to get both text and sound load unpacked ingame using the ca folder in game's root. Now when I try to use a mod folder only the text loads not the sound. Here is my current test mod that adds garbage to the first lines of text of the first training mission and a bit of noise to the first line of spoken word, just to make sure I can actually affect something. Someone please tell me what I am doing wrong, have tried all sorts of things all day and now kinda tired from all the thinking and activity. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_7kgciPPrW5Tmk3NGVxMEpsV0E/view?usp=sharing This is the followup mod for the previous one for CwA, just like with that and the first ARMA I can manage to affect change ingame with unpacked files it's pre-packaging the things into pbo's and/or automating the conversion process on the end-user side that's the bother.
  7. rambo919

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    ok I see... nvm then
  8. rambo919

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    I run it in a x86 environment?
  9. rambo919

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    Had a look at the tools at https://dev.withsix.com/projects/mikero-pbodll/files They seem to all be compiled for x64 systems?
  10. rambo919

    Trying to mod the campaign

    PboX was included in the initial toolpack I started out with, can't use it in cmd (I have not been able to anyway) so bat usage out. It's what I used actually not BinPBO.... I have so many unpackers at this point I get confused.
  11. rambo919

    Trying to mod the campaign

    Sorry, I'm just too used to idiot adults acting like entitled teenagers... I apologize for my tone. I tried the included cpbo but it does not extract folder, found a newer one but it extracts with errors. Found mikoro's extractpbo but some genius compiled all those tools as x64 which makes it useless for anything but dev work, also it only works on Vista+ which for this very first game in the series can be a problem for some. No working commandline tool then. Seems I am forced to include binPBO and instructions for manual installation. Yes I do make it for personal use but if I am annoyed by such language use others will be as well, and it might even show someone that wants to fully sanitise the games how to do it himself for all I know. Thank you for the help.
  12. rambo919

    Trying to mod the campaign

    The problem is packaging the mod (not even 1MB) without including the whole original campaign which could rightfully be considered a breach of copyright or including a pbo unpacker and instructing the end user in the process. I need plug-n-play. You misunderstand, I leave the swearing in only removing the " take the lord's name in vain" parts. If it really bothered me I'd remove all swearing entirely but that is also a subjective individual thing.... some people want to shoot politely and that's their business. You obviously never considered how funny a shooter would be if everyone was extremely polite in it even with their insults but that's another matter. Lastly the blithe use of this particular kind of swearing is actually rather insulting, if every "God" was replaced with "Allah" and every "Jesus/Christ" with "Muhammed".... such a game would never be released. Swear and curse all you want if you feel you need to just leave insults to religion out of it.
  13. rambo919

    Trying to mod the campaign

    I did not call you a troll, do not read too much into it. It's just a easily repeatable pattern of voicing a conservative type opinion and being swamped by basically "don't spoil our fun" comments (nvm that the mod is OPTIONAL) even branching out to if to tin-foil hat type talk of once it seems possible then "far-right" groups will start forcing the devs to include it optinally and then finally permanently etc.... happened every time I have tried to explain my reasons and I just did not wish to needlessly derail this thread with that type of nonsense. And no it's not always strong words themselves that matter as much as how you use it, I am not a "sensitive viewer" by any means. Seems like I have no way of avoiding it though so. There is a difference between killing and murder, both can be fake (as is the case in the arma games) but it is impossible to fake any kind of language use... it's either done or it is not and the context(of fiction in this case) does nothing to alter that. If the game promoted murder (even if fake) I would not play it, honourable battle only becomes murder when some aspect of it becomes dishonourable. My personal gripe is the casual verbal blasphemy incorporated in a superficial manner to "enhance" the swearing, it is unneeded actually and not only does nothing tangible to improve anything the removal of it does nothing to alter what is being said. It is a poor writer indeed that actually NEEDS to resort to this kind of cheap offensive tactic.... rather than get angry though I try to do the work the devs could have easily done myself and cut out the handful of offensive words and about 95% of the time the result sounds as if it was never there in the first place. btw if I sound aggressive it's nothing personal it's just that I probably have more passion for this subject than I sometimes should.
  14. rambo919

    Trying to mod the campaign

    I will have to respectfully refrain from going down that particular "why" rabbit hole again, ALWAYS trolls show up... as if the very subject is catnip to them.
  15. Basically I want to tweak the dialogue/subtitles, removing offensive language. I can get it working by extracting 1985.pbo and renaming it to 1985.pbo,old, this runs the edited folder and the changes work fine. Leaving the pbo and a "1985" folder with only the edited files makes the campaings selection screen show two 1985 campaings, tried pbopatcher but that produces corrupted pbo's. Tried a "mod folder" with the edited files as well... is there something I'm missing or is the "campaign" protected somehow? I vaguely remember something about arma games not allowing campaign modding from years back.