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  1. Will you be adding an option to disable the mouse acceleration? Also more mouse options would be good.
  2. If you're referring to the mouse resolution it does nothing to the mouse only to controlling manta's/cannons/walruses/fps etc. If you aren't then I'm unable to find the option you specified and would require more information !
  3. OK, going into campaign I found the first few islands pretty easy! Then I unlocked laser and a few other bits and bobs, going onto the fulcrum islands and the islands previous to it I noticed that enemy laser's do one hell of a lot of damage to unarmoured walruses and at this point of the game it takes 3-4 snipes to take out a manta... this lead me to constantly churning out manta's and walruses from the production facilities to keep the game active and interesting, however the production for items when you have no material stored up is insanely slow.. To make 6 walrus and 6 manta and the gear to go with them it would take me all night probably, I know most of you will probably just say 'well don't lose them then... play smarter...' I'm guessing your correct but how do you do that with really bad AI on the walrus and stupidly powerful turrets and lasers.. I actually resorted to taking most visible turrets out with my plasma cannon on the carrier before I sent anything what so ever onto the island. If I'm doing it wrong please advise me !
  4. Upon first installation I worked out that my FPS was stupidly low, so I lowered all the graphics settings and fixed that, then I wondered how the hell do I make my mouse back to normal, and realised the settings for the mouse are really bad... All other games I've played ever never mess around with mouse settings, they let the customized settings on the users computer direct them, so why not this? The mouse moves annoyingly slow and is so inaccurate, it makes me just not want to play this game any more. Other than the messy AI and insanely slow production time I think this is the most annoying point of the game, if anyone knows a way to fix it let me know!