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  1. I tried using this disableAi "TARGET"; this disableAi "AUTOTARGET" In the unit's init, but it still continues to initialize the combat? EDIT: Actually, nevermind. They don't engage me now with the above line. All is good! I'm not too bothered about them shooting back. :)
  2. How would this be done, exactly?
  3. So I have a killhouse that I have multiple hostiles and hostages garrisoned within. The problem I'm currently facing is, when I reach the door to enter the building as part of CQB training, the AI spot me through an open window... Is it possible to turn the AI off until they enter the trigger area? Or is there a better method? Cheers!
  4. OK, awesome, thank you! I'll give it a whirl. :)
  5. Hey gang, So I'm using a GameLogic in my training centre that when the targets are shot, they remain down - fantastic! And they are able to be reset via 0, 0, 1 on the radio menu but this isn't how I want to do it. I'd like to be able to put these radio protocols onto the laptop and simply scroll click 'Reset'. So, my question is, how can I reset these targets via the laptop? Cheers!
  6. Short and sweet: everything is set up just how I want it, except, when my squad disembarks from the helicopter and it flies away, the music can still be heard. Any idea? The original intention is to have the squad disembark, the music can still be heard slightly but as it flies into the air, the music fades to nothing. Any idea? :(
  7. kraxous

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    Wow, awesome! THANK YOU! :cool:
  8. Epic mod! Thank you!
  9. Depends on what C&C tbh. Like C&C 3, it's easy to defend with GDI :3. C&C 4 is also a good example.
  10. So I best try both then. I'll try working C++ at around 70% and Java 30% to try and balance it out.
  11. I aswell got the Icelands Upgrade. I think it is actually randomly generated.
  12. Cheers Dram! Will mean a lot. In the meantime, I've currently stopped playing CC:GM to try and work on modding. Going to try and work with JMonkey Game Engine to get a feel to using Java and sorts.
  13. I always wondered how! xD
  14. Right, cheers guys :3. Will have to bear that in mind :).
  15. Wow I have literally just posted a thread about modding too! I reckon posting here would be fine but if not then the BIS will move it :). Welcome to the forums by the way Thygrrr! :D