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  1. i'm seriously p.od !!! - i did not get the marshes upgrade on terminus - its definitely a bug, FCUK the campaign really... Up to now, i had almost superhuman patience, but now i WONT start again because of lazy programming... There was bug after bug - that game IS UNPLAYABLE... I so much wanted to like it, but the campaign ruined it for me... B.I., you screwed big time... The game is nice enough - adequate graphics, very nice weather effects, good game concept - i loved the original. But this is a mess. I seriously don't get, why in the hell they bothered with sucky FPS parts instead of de-bugging the thing.. I so want to play this, but i can't. I'm uninstalling the wastedump and won't get angry anymore. I'll give it a go after some patches again, but until then - i don't want to even hear about it. Seriously - how can you SELL the product in this godawful state ?
  2. i'm off to start another thread on another crash...
  3. thanks for the tips, but i solved the thing differently in the end.. Because i was out of ideas, i just tried to change something right before the crash, and for some reason, when i moved the carrier away from the spot where the crash occured during the problematic dialogue, nothing hapenned... So finally i'm on fulcrum (where it crashes after trying to land on carrier after nuking the shield with hammerhead - for a change) I'm so mad at BI, but on the other hand i pretty much get, that the greek situation worries the staff sick, so CCGM launch was kinda sidetracked...
  4. I have a problem after arriving on the middle "icy" island in campaign... Only the Isolus, Vatland and Fulcrum island are under enemy control.. I'm arriving from Lingard to Vatland. After switching from time warp, dialogue from Aurora starts.. She says something about "distinguished officer" and then cuts transmission. After that, another line of text starts, but DURING that, the game starts loading something and ALWAYS crashes exactly at that same point... Any suggestions ? I tried restarting, running ONLY the game and nothing else - so far nothing helped.
  5. I LOVE HOSTILE WATERS - in my posts since launch i already said there would be a good thing to consider adding a few HW features...
  6. pcbflare

    frontier mission help

    doesnt manta also use machinegun ??
  7. Another thing i like to see - ability to add units to carrier which were left on island after taking over, also in the original, mantas were able to land and dock on islands and you could have 4 mantas dedicated to defend the island and 4 on carrier...
  8. pcbflare

    voice volume failure

    agreed add voice volume - i'm basically just reading subs...
  9. hello - i'm frustrated with production speed - always low on resources.. so i want to change defense type island to mining/resource type - searched through manual to no avail.. i equipped one walrus with mining pod, but don't know how to launch it.. do i have to destroy headquarters on already taken island ? help me someone
  10. I also want the AI to lead more (or at least lead at all) when shooting.. Watching two AI mantas with machine guns fight it out is really frustrating - it's obvious the AI does not take into consideration movement of the opponent when aiming...
  11. pcbflare

    frontier mission help

    I just drove towards it and started shooting the hell out of the dish.. It took a while, but then started burning and from this moment it was just a few seconds until it exploded. I was aiming directly at the dish.
  12. please try the original, it's pretty amazing thing considering the year of release. You can run it in dosbox. Although i would like to see certain changes, adding more unit types would really stop being carrier command - it would just become another average strategy. This game can only got good reviews if the reviewer is considering the original i think. Every review without good knowledge of the original wouldn't be fair. - Exactly because there is not many units etc... Like i said, the units, the island system, the carrier micromanagement - it's all inherited from the original Carrier Command, and that's the way it should be. I'm not against larger changes, but it should be some special mode.
  13. I want to have a better queue in production - to be able to prioritize certain items... or at least not to have them automatically grouped.
  14. Hey these ideas i like - although the 3rd side would have to be optional and different types of carrier after finishing with the default one for example... Your other suggestions i feel would steer away from the overall Carrier Command feeling, which is one thing they managed to do well...