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  1. Haven't seen the enemy carrier doing anything else but trying to run away all the time... Sure, you can ignore him and take over islands all the time but so will he, sometimes a lot faster than you can capture islands.
  2. Scramblers work kind off funny. Sometimes, being a bit further off from them can increase your control range so don't bring your carrier in too close. With larger range, you should be able to bring units there. Had this issue aswell in a Strategic game.
  3. Weird... Normally putting a shell on your carrier should replace the current turret.
  4. The state my game ended up was hardly what I call playable in the end... Thank god for cheatengine and the timewarp workaround :P
  5. At first I thought my carrier farted but then I noticed the walrus explosion... Poor Walrus 8. He will be missed, especially the ammo box, gatling gun, MKII armor he was carrying.
  6. I disagree. Yesterday I was so drunk that I bombed my carrier. Accidentally destroyed my own walrus with manta rockets. Turned my ship as a walrus was incoming to dock (carrier 1, walrus 0). Flew 2 of my manta's into the ground / wall. So there. That's a wrong way to play.
  7. 4 crashes, maybe 5 so far. Usually not a big problem as the game auto-saves often enough. And Thygrrr is correct. I hate to do it but I'm seriously going to cut points in the gameplay score for the AI/Pathfinding issues, aswell as the long downtime sections where you are waiting for supplies etc (even though it can be circumvented somewhat with CheatEngine).
  8. Besides the awkward pathfinding and a few game-crashes, this game is actually well-polished so your, rather insulting, statement doesn't make the least bit of sense.
  9. Lucky you... Everytime I get near the enemy carrier, it pulls up its pants and makes a run for it -_- The closest I ever got to it was with a manta at about 500m.
  10. Daeion


    I don't think this game has a big enough playerbase to warrant the implementation of multiplayer... Anyways, even if it did have multiplayer, I wouldn't be playing that.
  11. Sometimes we can get early review copies. Sometimes we get review copies on release date and sometimes we don't get any copy at all. In the case of CC:GM, we didn't get a review copy. Luckily, I was intending to buy this game anyways so I'll be doing the review out of my own collection. Unless you speak Dutch, my review won't be doing you any good though...
  12. Daeion

    Reviewing time!

    Great, scaleable engine btw. More forgiving than ArmA II's engine to be honest. I'm sure you can build lots of types of games with this one.
  13. I have to agree with you on this. This game has a lot of potential. I'm supposed to review this game and right now I'm looking at a score around 70-ish (out of 100)... But, with the pathfinding working as intended I could easily score this game around 80-85 which is a HUGE mental step for some people considering wether to buy or not buy this game. Having played many games, I tend to overlook issues for my personal pleasure but when I have to write a review about it? Let's just say I won't hold back my punches. BI has about 90% worked out but it's the 10% that's really killing it at this point: Bad pathfinding (meaning micromanagement) and lack of a manual timewarp (resulting in a lot of downtime between gameplay). Should they fix this before I'm done with my review (and God knows, I take my time to do it right) than I might just score this the score it would deserve.
  14. Daeion

    Reviewing time!

    It seems their real issue is the kind off wonky movement without auto-aim. But... the moving from one enemy to another does happen, however it's not a severe issue if you manage to aim well enough.
  15. Daeion

    Reviewing time!

    I'd do that in a heartbeat if it was any regular shooter but I feel the auto-aim is somewhat 'acceptable' here, since we're talking about high-tech military units here. Done a few islands without auto-aim but it's still going well for me. Besides, it makes sense for aerial units to have some targeting system in place. It's not like auto-aim is going to do everything for you.