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  1. Immersion Cigs

    Server should have the files too.
  2. Vanilla 1.88 https://www.dropbox.com/s/kmi3821iyvve0u8/AiO.1.88.145264.7z?dl=0
  3. KLPQ Music Radio

    New update! https://github.com/rebelvg/klpq_musicRadio/releases/tag/1.0.9 The disappearing turn off option after reconnect bug has been fixed. Easy pack option for the configuration tool. The packing process is not properly streamlined yet, but in general it should work fine. You have to select a folder you want to pack, generate a config and after pressing an easy pack option the tool will ask you to point to the location of the addon builder (once) and also ask you where you want your pbos exported to. In the middle of the process the tool will create a temporary folder on your desktop with the config and pack both folders with the addon builder to the destination that you've selected previously.
  4. KLPQ Music Radio

    Hey, thanks a lot for your kind words, really appreciate it and really appreciate that you tried to find a fix yourself! The information that you've given here is a lot and I really appreciate it cause it makes it so much easier to find a fix for this issue, as they say, "A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved". Can't promise anything, but I'll definitely make a closer look at the problem as soon as I get some time for this. Really busy with all kinds of things right now (good things at least).
  5. KLPQ Music Radio

    https://github.com/rebelvg/klpq_musicRadio/issues/3 It looks like you have the same issue. Try disabling any kind of dynamic simulation for the object and check if the object has simulation enabled in the properties (or that it's not a simple object).
  6. KLPQ Music Radio

    I'll take a look.
  7. KLPQ Music Radio

    @blackyesp The config is not correct. Select the folder one level above that one. That also gave me an idea on how to improve the tool a bit so you can't select the folder with an incorrect structure. @Seed Freeman That is correct.
  8. Immersion Cigs

    Thanks. Also, it's great to receive all the credit, but I'm not the only one responsible. Facel is the guy that makes it happen too, so, huge props to @Facel Happy holidays everybody!
  9. Immersion Cigs

    XOXOXO. It's time for another update! "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" update. Version 1.4 CIGARS. Downloads. https://github.com/rebelvg/immersion_cigs/releases/download/1.4/immersion_cigs.zip http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=753946944
  10. KLPQ Music Radio

    Now available on steam workshop. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1241545493
  11. KLPQ Music Radio

    It should work, there's nothing in the mod that could conflict with anything. Both server and clients should have identical set of files.
  12. KLPQ Music Radio

    Small update. https://github.com/rebelvg/klpq_musicRadio/releases/tag/1.0.8 Vanilla interaction menu support. CBA is still a requirement. Tool is now located inside of the zip release archive.
  13. KLPQ Dynasound Patches

    Some time soon. Probably not, would require too much hassle to find sounds that match the guns correctly. Plus these patches only cover explosions mainly.
  14. KLPQ Music Radio

    I already answered you on youtube. This mod doesn't support any kind of streaming from anywhere.
  15. KLPQ Dynasound Patches

    Update. RHS support. Okay, so RHS support was added, but it was kinda hacky, RHS doesn't use vanilla shaders anywhere, so it was hard to differentiate between what new shaders should correspond with vanilla ones, but it works. If you find any issues, PM me or post some info here. GREF and SAF do not need their own pbos, changes made in rhs base pbos are enough to cover them too. https://github.com/rebelvg/klpq_ds2/releases/download/1.0.1/klpq_ds2.zip