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  1. And what do the private prison lobbyists lobby for?.... same as the private military contractors, what do you think they lobby for? America is a the fast track to fascism, Namio Wolf's 'The End of America' should be watched by all. Their is a powerful criminal element inside the American government... if you haven't being paying attention maybe you should read up on all the executive orders, the patriot act and the NDAA.... if you still think its all ok you are living in denial and fear.
  2. I was just about to say.... I have noticed in the last year or so that a decent proportion of the gaming community even the younger gamers have had enough of the main stream regurgitated crap that gets pumped out by the huge production houses, they have been riding on the backs of old great title that they have driven kilometres into the ground... all they see is $$$ and the wider community has had enough. Back on topic... Second Stretch Goal reached $2.6 million raised :)
  3. i76

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    First they dismiss, then they deny, then they ridicule. If you read/viewed anything other then the main sewer stream media maybe you wouldn't be so naive... blind sheeple are blind, ignorance is bliss... right!? I wasn't born thinking this way... it wasn't till I was 30 and worked in Canada for 9 months and met many Canadians that talked about this stuff like it was common knowledge... I kinda thought they were a little crazy but the more I heard the more I investigated and the more I realised there was some seriously dodgy shit going on. I read more and more until I could not deny it any longer, for about a year I was really freaked out about what I had learned... the thing is mate the facts don't lie, the paper trail is undeniable and if you choose to ignore it then that is fine but fuck off giving shit to people who have read thousands of documents, watched many documentaries and use a little critical thinking. Most of us 'tin hattters' have a far superior knowledge about the world you and I live in.... I suggest you start out by watching something like 'Zeitgeist'... its free to watch on google or Naomi Wolf's 'End of America'... or google why all but 2 American presidents are all related to old European royalty... just to get your brain ticking over. I find it utterly amazing and sad that people will defend this inherently fowled/corrupt system and ridicule anyone that questions it or tries to shed light on and share their knowledge of whats really going on. I call them sheeple. Because fear is one of the most powerful tools and has been used by the elite to scare the sheeple into submission for centuries... its far easier to put your head in the sand. As I said earlier... ignorance (for most) is bliss.
  4. Big man.... treats ppl like shit on armaholic if he disagrees with them, denies free speech or criticism of anyone's mods/reskins/missions, edits users signatures to insult them.... but thats the quality around here.... Quality dropping, more resources supporting big money making projects (DayZ), lack of communication with community, over zealous mods.... is BIS heading down the path of their former publisher?!
  5. Just to add, BIS took a week to release a beta fixing the 'gamma goggles' for DayZ (cheap mans NVG)... its a fucking mod, when this issues has been a neglected for nearly 4 years https://dev-heaven.net/issues/8748 But to add insult to injury BIS's fix for this negatively effected ArmA 2 by making it so dark that looking into pine trees at midday was like looking a a bunch of black trees... was eventually fixed but fuck me BIS. I see a steady decline in the quality of BIS products.... They backed Iron Front which imo was a piece of shit which BIS refused to refund. They released ACR which was good except for existing map cut-out (cheap BIS). Then Carrier Command, could be sooooo much better, but BIS fucked it for a quick cash fix. I think BI$ are starting to see the $$$... and if the trend continues they will be EA in 10 years. BI$ can do whatever they want.... I'll just move onto the next true developer like Chris Roberts 'Star Citizen'
  6. i76

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Sorry, 1913... so many events, so many dates. December 23, 1913 - Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913; promised to change the nation's banking system; paved the way for the Federal Banking System (network of twelve regional banks); called for all national banks to join the federal system via hefty one-time deposits into a pooled account; charged Federal Reserve banks with serving as resources to aid and stabilize the nation's other banks; resulting network of banks tied together by the Federal Reserve Board, newly minted Federal Reserve note. http://theunjustmedia.com/Banking%20&%20Federal%20Reserve/The%20Federal%20Reserve%20is%20Privately%20owned.htm
  7. i76

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Learn to read bro... its all about the US dollar retaining its hegemony, OIL is just a bonus....... eyes open?! Sadly Venezuela will be a target soon. America is fast heading toward fascism, they use to be great before 1921 but in the last 80 years have become a vicious school yard bully with imperialist intentions aka scumfuck. ... but the controlling criminal element in the US government are just puppets... anyone curious why all American presidents but 2 are in some form or another related and their bloodlines are all connected to European royalty... how far down the rabbit hole do the sheeple dare travel?
  8. +1 You want the truth, you find the source... follow the money. I agree, it may produce short term earnings but it damages the 'brand' and it is extremely hard to regain confidence once damaged or in codies cause, near destroyed. Short term profit at the expense of the brand = loss of future long term earnings.
  9. i76

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    American backed insurgents to topple a leader/government that does not submit to US bully foreign policy... for than the US will murder. All the recent wars have not been waged for democracy or even to ensure BP and Exxon-Mobil oil drilling rights (thats just a bonus) its all about ensuring 'the dollar' hegemony As long as the dollar remains the world currency, the US can continue to pay its bills by simply printing more money. But once the world no longer accepts the dollar as world reserve currency, the US will no longer be able to continue to pay its way or to fund its wars by relying on what would then be a relatively valueless paper currency. Learn and understand why the Iraq war was really fought, why Gaddafi was murdered... its because Iraq was going to move from the US dollar to the Euro in oil trading, Gaddafi was going to move to a gold standard. Its the elite banking families that run this world (rothchild, rockefella, morgan, wlaburg etc) ... you are given the illusion of democracy and freedom but you and I are all slaves. If Americans had democracy they would be choosing between Barack Obama and Ron Paul.... so much fraud and rule breaking in the battle of Republicans... Romney did not win Research the real history... the system we live in is completely manipulated and rigged, you want to control the world you would want to control the most powerful military thugs... America.
  10. To put back to the way before Bi changed it (for what reason idfk)... Left and Right for mouse steering is bound to 'Car more Left/Car more Right' (stupidest change ever made in A2) So go to... Controls > Vehicle Controls > unbind Car more Left & Car more Right from the mouse and replace with 'Mouse Left & Mouse Right' and you're back to normal.
  11. Thats one thing I didn't add to my post and that is I know BI will without a doubt patch most bugs and glitches, fix and tweak the AI and hopefully much more, BI are amazing with long -term support of their products. But read my post, most points are short comings of the game not bugs. I just expected with BI's talent and the huge amount of detail and depth they can achieve (ArmA) and a nice little boost to the coffers (thx DayZ) they could have made something special. I'm sure CC2 will be all CCGM could have.
  12. +1 - Agree with every point. I'm really disappointed that CCGM is so liner and shallow... - It would be great if the AI acted like AI does in RTS when they fight you and capture island... not this obviously and honestly pretty bad scripted retreats and auto island captures. - To be able to spend your resources on island defences, both units from garage/hanger/barracks and static (of course this could go alot deeper too) - It was a terrible idea and a waste of time having such a dated, simple and lack-luster FPS intro... especially with such a hollow story, the characters should of just landed right on the carrier. Also if the game has depth you don't even need a story just a intro. - AI path finding is horrible... I find myself always having to assume command to get my unit back on track and battles and engagements with the enemy can be a nightmare because of this, I've lost 3 walruses to one enemy walrus... all 3 of mine had better weapons and armour. - Map editor... with this game what it could be an editor would have been magic... :(... If the game added/fixed just those above it would have be an awesome game with depth and longevity, it would be well supported by the BI community and developed a healthy player base for 'CC 2' I just hope that if BI are going to use me as a beta tester and charge me $50 for the pleasure then I bloody well hope that CC2 comes soon and complete.
  13. Could be worse, could be like many other smacktard companies are doing and thats forcing consumers to create an account full of personal information just to play their shitty games. Please never go down the scumbag path BI :)